Wednesday, December 07, 2005


On Shay's wall: Exams bitches... exaaaaaaaaaaamssss!!!! grRrR

*goes back to hibernating*

you get the picture :\

song of the day: Falling For You - Jem

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I've realized that...

1. I can be 32 minutes late for class if I don't carry my cell phone.

2. I have a tendency to forget my cell phone at home.

3. We can become pathetically dependent on cell phones.

4. Enough about cell phones. Ban cell phones. I'm buying batteries for my faithful wrist watch stashed somewhere in me cupboard. And chucking my cell phone. Cell phone.

5. Chemistry sucks.

6. And I mean all kinds of chemistry - chemical, physical, organic, analytical, biological yadayada.

7. On an average, I spend $3.oo a day at Starbucks. I should be shot. Or my wallet should be.

8. I play with gadgets and other techno crap more than any girl around campus. Does that make me techno-savvy by any chance? Okay, I'm more techno savvy than any girl on campus... sounds better.

9. I give up. Engineering isn't for me... I'm joining the Red Cross. Or even better, play the guitar under the London Bridge 'til dawn. (who am I kidding. I'm d00med to take afternoon lab classes and 8am lecture classes for the rest of my life and sing That was a Crazy Game of Poker by O.A.R forever)

10. I need a job. But no one's ready to hire me.

11. Why? people ask.

12. Simple. I call it the "its-too-f'ing-cold-at-8am" and "i'm-too-f'ing-lazy-at-8pm" syndrome.

13. Also because I haven't applied anywhere as yet.

14. I like nerds.

15. LIKED* my bad. Now I prefer history majors.

16. That's because all the nerds I've come across are a bunch of walking-talking idiots of the highest order, who find the joke: "Why should you date a science student? Because they are familiar with the projectile motion and the right hand rule." ha-ha.

17. A free gynecologist session is not exactly the best "free" service you might want.

18. I'm jealous of Hermione Granger a.k.a Emma Watson O_o (and the kid isn't even done with puberty. I'm so mean haha. I love it. kiddin')

19. Nothing gives you a high like a jog in the snow.

20. No one sings sexy like Gwen Steffani.

21. No one looks sexy like Angelina Jolie.

22. And no one drops it sexy like um, me? jk

23. People change in college O_o I have. I like to think that way. I wasn't purrfect earlier.

24. Popularity is a major issue here - I think its hypothetical bs.

25. I NEED A JOB.......................

26. Why? people ask.

27. I need a couple of dollahs to move to New Orleans to meet my ex. Thats why.

28. Yes, yes. I know, I know. What can you do?? I would do anything for free lodging and food.

29. I should be studying for exams.

30. I am going to flunk big time in the elec/comp eng. class.

31. Detroit MI rocked. Just because I got my geographical directions wrong and took only 2 t-shirts and a pair of jeans as a prep for the snow there.

32. I want to move. Out of Cincinnati. To a new university, place, where ever.

33. Why? people ask.

34. Because I've never been in ONE SINGLE PLACE FOR SO LONG!

35. 2 YEARS! ack... I'm thinking NYC, Manhattan or LA. Hmm. Orr or or oooh Veniiiiice.

36. I'm a rolling stone. Lemme be that way. You got a problem with that?

37. Sometimes me wishes me was born a millionaire. A billionaire is too far-fetched.

38. I've spent 15 minutes on this. Or 20? who cares. I don't. Do you?

39. I'm rambling. I still don't drink. I wonder why now. I still don't study hard enough. Maybe I should consider that Natty Lite.

40. I love you guys. Thanks for reading this. I love you guys... really.

Friday, November 25, 2005


The roadtrip rocked. Our car rocked. Detroit's name rocked. Eminem's song rocked. The crowd rocked.

But the city...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Word Association


A word will be posted, and the next person submits a comment of a word they think of when they see the previous word.

For example:

Jerry writes... "Monkey"
Samantha writes... "Banana"
Eric writes... "Fruit"
Jackie writes... "Starburst"


The word is: TRAFFIC

Saturday, November 05, 2005

®.å.ŋ.Ð.Ö.m Questions

A'ight I'm merely doing my job and helping promote "our" blog
We ran out of ideas and put a bunch of questions there for the heck of blogging. Anyway, have fun!

Monday, October 31, 2005

I need...

This is another 'fun' thoing thats been circulating in the blogosphere. You basically go to and type in " needs" and post the first 10 results here. It IS hilarious haha, so here are moi results (being the 'share-a-laff' types I am hehe).

1. In short, what I need is not either an airport authority or privatization, but both. sure i do, if it involves all those goddamn pilots :P

2. I need to take a bag including "sparklies" to save my grandmother. oooooh, "sparklies" - if that stuff could save her... I'm sure I'll get lost if there were glittering things involved lol

3. I need an injection of something, a plain old intravenous shot will work just fine, since my blood is still circulating. talk about a "i'm-not-dead-yet-gimme-another-shot" order

4. I need to build a time machine to turn back the clock and rewrite history! hell yeah! anyday, anytime, anywhere lol who wouldn't??

5. I need to gain the weight I have lost from the stress of being homeless. ack, don't think sooooo... and talking of homeless, who's homeless??

6. I need a family without toddlers or preschoolers. haha i HAVE a family with a preschooler.............. I doubt if I'd wanna change that

7. I need to learn some dance moves from Britney, to say nothing of the hideous dancing in the crowd. LOL this one speaks for itself

8. I need to make a sound. um, yeah... a lotta sounds will be made when I... eh, nevermind

9. I need a husband if I have to maintain the lifestyle to which I'm currently accustomed. which i do NOT want - the lifestyle I mean - so that deletes the husband too, right?

10. I need to clarify whether a fee payable to an SRE from application monies is actually part of the scheme property. whatever ... you can go right ahead and keep clarifying about that

Monday, October 17, 2005


"Oh yeah, I'm too sexeh for my blog."

That's it for tonight.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

You answer my question with a question

Got this idea from Indigo and its fun. So here goes.

You must answer the question of the person who commented before you, but the trick is to answer in the form of a question. Let's get started.....

I beg your pardon ?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Our Happy Whacky Family : through the eyes of a 5 yr old

I found this so adorable that I ended up posting it here. Sooo here's a drawing my little sis made in her school when asked to explain her family. I'm the purple coloured shtick with... purple hair. Thats her in green. Check out the way the entire body is JUST legs. These days she's fascinated by knees, so yeah you'll see a pair of colourful dots on the legs somewhere. My mom told me I was a huge fan of hands and my drawings were hand prints with tiny cat-like round bodies (the figure-8 ones). Maybe if I find one of them I'll post them on here too lol.

And this one's from last year when she was in kindergarten. It was and still IS one of my favorites. For explaination, this is what I got out of her : the blue is the pure water in the world and the purple is the "duhrty" stuff thrown by "bad people" in the water. Talk about quite an insight huh. Anyway, just felt like sharing that bit-byte with you all fellow bloggers 'n friends. Guess people/kids who paint with some kind of a purpose in mind, speaking so much from one picture amaze me. Or maybe its the first time I'm experiencing a kid around me every single day. Growing up. Learning.

Song of the moment : Roll Another Joint - Tom Petty

Sunday, September 25, 2005

lazy Sunday evening thought

I'm just wondering.............. why don't most of my friends blog? Or have a site? Or facebook?

(lets be nice to all the blogging folks+myself and not assume : "...because they have a life". We know that isn't true. Its also not true that they're technologically-challenged. That would go against the entire "I'm majoring in Comp. Engineering". The 'Don't Have The Time' is... mweh, lame. I always find time to post tiny sentences or even a pic from school! Hm.... but we'll take that excuse)

Reading : Linda Goodman's SunSigns (wow, even frm a generalized perspective, its pretty accurate)

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Moi university at a glance. Its a hang-out spot (dining, bookstore, computer labs, lounging area, bank, student services etc). I couldn't find a better picture at the moment, so stick around and you'll find one soon.

song of the moment : Forever - Vertical Horizon

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

summer of O-five

aye, with the successful completion of my first day at uni, my summer vacations have come to an end ! (high time they did anyway)

quick summer update :

this summer was very messed up memorable if you ask me. it started off with me being the only one in the family HAVINg vacations while my sis and dad slogged off for their exams lol. That was a fun time... staying home-alone (it was a prep/crash course for the 25 days I had to spend alone). Then there were hikes, road trips to the Niagara Falls, Wheeling (awesome Iskon temple there), Cali trip. Um, then it was just home basically. With sporadic days of movie marathons and tennis matches. Frankly speaking, I must have watched over a 50 movies in those 20 days... it was a crazy time. Of course, blogging sky-rocketed. Caught up with old friends, facebooked myself (last night actually... was skeptical abt the 18 yrs and over part), got to know a whole lot of people, had a few 'best moments' of my life, learnt web designing, finally started playing tennis again after 2 years and... turned a year older (and I have no idea how that happened, I mean, the yr just flew by).

on the last day few hours of being 17 :

i LOVe being 17 !!!! whhhhy do I have to turn 18......................... god darn it. Had my first day of uni today, am stuck now 'cuz dad has a class 'til 7 or something, gave an english essay exam on the first day (this sucked big time; when asked why : "we're making sure you 're placed in the right level" jeez),got a needle poke/injection (they declared me 18 as they couldn't poke a 17 yr old 'university' student : "who's heard of a 17 yr old undergraduate??" uhm... me? c'mon, I have classes with a brainiac who's only 14 pfft). plus, love the weather outside. 66 degrees... what more can ya ask for in september?

and lotsa hugggggggggggsss and thank you ta all the ppl who remembered :) take care ya'll. a'ight, here's me kicking open the 18th year door.

techno fad of the moment : ipod Nano

Thursday, September 15, 2005

.p.o.p. .q.u.e.s.t.i.o.n.s.

A friend and myself used to play these stupid word games. All of a sudden, he'd snap around and ask : "First word that comes to mind when you think of (something absurd)". Of course I never paid attention to it. Just said the first word on my mind and a snigger would follow... lol

So here's one for you, or whoever is interested (a Q he'd asked a long time back).

First word/sentence you'd find yourself saying to your fav singer when pulled up on stage by him/her.

Me ? "uh oh shyt, can I get off stage pleaaase?!?" and dive into the crowd..

Thats what I'd said and he's just shaken his head, said : "you've got one publicity stunt right there" and continued walking. Talk abt lame huh. But hey, its better than going "ooohhhh..........." and faint in their arms, wake up to find the show over. Even worse if no one caught it on camera :P

O yeah, for all the Spears fans, click here to see her official website. Its sorta cool. Wish I could have all those graphics and stuff on my blog..

Song playing right now : Speed of Sound - Coldplay

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

mTm : My Taste in Music

Your Taste in Music:

Adult Alternative: Highest Influence
80's R&B: High Influence
90's Pop: High Influence
Classic Rock: High Influence
R&B: High Influence
90's Alternative: Medium Influence
Country: Medium Influence
Hip Hop: Medium Influence
90's Hip Hop: Low Influence
Alternative Rock: Low Influence
Dance: Low Influence
Gangsta Rap: Low Influence
Progressive Rock: Low Influence
Song of the moment : Making Memories of Us - Kieth Urban
(its an amazing song; great for easy listening and just for kickbacking 'n relaxing. Click on the Song to hear it)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

four years now ...

"It is, what the newspapers call, a day of mourning. When all we can do is pray for faith for the families of all those who died in the attacks, share a moment of silence in workplaces, never forget how so many brave people fought against the unimaginable just to save one soul. One person... Lets do it then. I remember sitting on the terrace, the city in a total blackout, the wind whispering eerily in the silence of the night. A call. We reached for the radio, bracing ourselves for the news. News from halfway around the world. Four years ago. The next year. Every year, this same day. It rings in my ears. We should never forget to pray. Hope. Reach out. Rudyard Kipling said"If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"... If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it". So give them your minute. Just a minute..."

Blogger remembrances: Keturah/Johnboy, Roger, Corinne, Cicero, Palm Boy, Pat, Jason, Hollywood, B, Shannon, Kim, UziCue, Paul, Michelle, Jersey Exile, NotJoe, SuperGirlMarketing, ACatholicLife, ApacheBlueGirl, Bob

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a long long time ago

10 years ago I ...

  • was 7 years
  • was having cat fights with a 5 yr old brat in my family
  • was a rebel (just surprises me now, and we're talking abt the physical-fight rebel lol)
  • was under the wing of an awesome local singer
  • used to sing - by far thats the best part abt this year
  • "loved to boss around" - mom (me?! you've got to be kidding..)

5 years ago I ...

  • was 12 and struggling with my tween attitude
  • was studying in a convent for the first time (enlightening...)
  • was never surrounded by so MANY girls ! jk
  • learnt a ..whole lot about erm, feminism and how girls should REALLY be (utter bs if you ask moi)
  • tennis was a part of my life by now
  • had my first crush *sigh* (I swear it was the eyes! 'n the fact we played tennis together)
  • had a series of crushes from then on
  • surprisingly took the whole deal of turning 13 as any other b'day (that was my tween attitude lol)
  • found out my mom was pregnant (... it WAS a shock, having to deal with another sibling)

3 years ago I ...

  • landed in high school, in a new city, new state
  • had my first official phone stalker
  • pursued my dad to get a called ID, but parents...mweh, they found it humorous
  • got over my first crush haha (that took 2 years, yes)
  • declared tennis as my sole ambition in life (that didn't go off too well with the adults though)
  • began to be more tomboyish - loving every moment of it
  • had 'bhang' or whatever its called for the first time
  • was called a 'young ladeh'.... *sigh* someone was living a disillusioned life
  • wondered if anyone could fall so hard over a guy like I had (I did get the answer next year - no one)
  • made a handful of great friends :)
  • got to hear the Pee song by Shvk the first time 'n got into a carpool for the first time

A year ago I ...

  • was in the final year of high school
  • didn't like the idea of leaving my roomates/3 best friends in Azkaban (my boarding school)
  • changed my city, house, school for the 8th time I think
  • got the "don't-give-a-shit" attitude I hated a few years back
  • still sucked at Physics
  • grew so close to a guy it scared me to death
  • turned 17 (by far the only year when I look back and wonder whether it was the worst/best year of my life)
  • felt 'responsible' (at last) when I watched my little sister off on her first day at school

This year I ...

  • HATE the fact I'm turning 18
  • wish September would never end
  • had the longest summer vacation (4 months)
  • grew so far apart from a guy 'n that scared me too
  • got into university (yeah, it was doubtful..)
  • shall stay away from cigs (hear that mom?), even though its allowed at 18
  • have posted more entries on my blogs than I'd eva done before
  • found out I'd have to attend 4 high-school reunions

Yesterday I ...

  • watched The Notebook for the 6th time
  • posted on this blog at some crazy hour
  • talked to a close friend after weeks and it felt good
  • played the Sims all day
  • was reminded by the newspaper it was Labor Day 'n the reason for my sister's holiday

Today I ...

  • woke up real early
  • had a long looooong discussion with my little sister on the movie 'Shark Tale'
  • was told by a family friend I'd put on a few pounds (um, doesn't a girl love to hear that)
  • almost put on my gym shoes but hopelessly gave up the idea ( I hate Tuesdays in general)
  • got to know about love potions on Sims, thnks to my sis
  • ate like no tomorrow
  • made a pathetic attempt at a make-over
  • sit here wondering if this entry is even productive in any way

Tomorrow I ...

  • will be excited about Orientation at uni (even though it's the 2nd one)
  • will try to look at the positive side of my dad returning from his project work after a month
  • shall try not to post on here
  • will go for the 4 day ol' jog
  • will laze around all day and basically do nothing once the evening sets in
  • will be yawning like a maniac at the same hour - doing nothing
  • will wait for some miracle to make things like they were before

Song of the moment : So Far Away - Staind vs. Mr. Bombastic - Shaggy ( as if )

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

watching a movie 6 times

Even before someone reads this post, they think "oh wow, what was the person thinking? 6 times ??" Yup, thats me. Here to rightfully defend myself as to what drove me to do such a feat lol, kidding. But it just humors me now when I think abt it.

I'm not a huge fan of watching movies repeatedly. One, if its a movie I like - it loses its touch and I just think of it frm then on as boring. Two, it really is a waste of time. And three, its no fun when you know what's going to happen, know the climaxes, anti-climaxes, etc. When I did watch the movie 5 times... I'd just lost if any, traces of sensible thought. The movie's The Notebook, based on Nicholas Spark's acclaimed novel ... um, The Notebook. I'd read the book earlier, but surprisingly found the movie equally good. Generally that isn't the case. For instance, the Harry Potter and LOTR series. You imagine the character, the locations to be different - and the movie director surely has another picture in mind of these things and creates something quite different.

So, back to the movie. The first time I watched half of it at the gym. I stayed back 'til almost 11pm at night, until my mom called me on the cellphone reminding me faithfully of my chores. I had to literally drag myself out (its way easier when someone's on your head saying, "Ok, time's up. LET'S GO"). I won't count that as the first time though.

The first time that I actually watched the ENTIRE movie was when I was stranded home alone for a couple of weeks. I was mesmerized. Thats an understatement. I was enchanted. No. Doesn't sound strong enough. Well, you get the picture. I watched it again. That night (or was it the next?) was the best thing that could happen to a person. Really. I could go to lengths and say I was on cloud nine lol. It was the movie.... plus extras. It didn't last long though... and an unfortunate event spoiled the entire meaning the movie had for me.

Anyway, during the next week, an aunt takes me over to her place for the weekend 'cuz mom didn't like the idea of me 'viling away time at home doing nothing' (which was true, and I'll explain in an entry what I did all summer). We go to Blockbuster and there it is. On the shelf. Worse, the girl cashier quips up, "Oh, you should see The Notebook. Its been having some excellent reviews lately." Great. My aunt grabs it off the shelf (with me coming up with retarded excuses as to why she shouldn't pick it up) and we watch the movie TWO times in a row 'til dawn. I was in a metal disarray by then... of course I'd thought of EVERYthing I didn't want to. I was just glad I wouldn't be sticking around the next day to be tortured again. The movie wasn't the same anymore. It just 'pained' (if thats the word) to even see a single scene. Poor me. Not. Sooooooooo, days go by. Sis comes back frm her vacation and happens to hear the 'view' of my aunt - who had apparently watched the movie a billion times by now eeesh. She beat me to the dvd library that day and got the movie. Again! Blah, as IF I'd sit and watch it with her. I didn't, but the next day mom sort of 'makes' me sit with her and watch it. I told her I didn't have very pleasant memories while watching the movie... but nope. Nothing doing. I'm watching the movie. And guess what? She leaves half-way through the movie. What do I do ? Go ahead with the movie! Gah... terrible. I was sitting there, watching it for the 5th time. Not being able to do anything... bearing it all for nothing. What wouldn't have given at that moment to flee to SA. Anywhere but there.

Frankly, I'd made myself sick by the end of the day. It even effected my appetite, I slept longer not wanting to get out of bed. The movie replayed itself over 'n over in my head. Thank God that lasted only one day. I was up and abt in no time. Now the 6th time. It was tonight. When things trouble me this much... I act kind of crazy and do the exact same thing that does bug me. Makes sense? Well, to me it does. Sorta. It pissed me off that a movie could do that to me. So I watched it again. And hey! Voila :) I smile at the end of the movie like before. Maybe watching it for the sixth time wasn't such a bad idea eh. I could go for a 7th doze too... but nah. I'll keep the feel good feeling within right now just the way it is. Forever (oh boy, don't I love to exaggerate).

Artist of the moment : Vertical Horizon

Monday, September 05, 2005


I got the link to this site from Secret Heart. Its sorta cool and helped me kill another 15 minutes fantasizing of all the countries I'd like to go visit - and come crashing back to earth when I saw how much land I've actually covered. 3 versus 33 !

As for the countries I've been to... the map's really exaggerated. I haven't travelled throughout the US, Kuwait or India for that matter. Though I wish we'd stayed at a place long enough to enjoy it thoroughly. Thats 3 countries in 17 years. Doing some simple math... ack, I'll be able to see all the countries I want to see when I'm 187 years! Er I'll just keep you updated on my explorations. Maybe I'll just take hopping flights the next time I fly. Even touching my feet on the ground might cross off one country.

Ahh.... I so soooo SOO wish the above map were for real. Indicating the countries I've actually been to. Now here's the reality check.

Wish me luck ! (looks like I need a whole doze of it every single day) I've got some sight-seeing, country hopping, whatever to do...

Song of the moment : Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday

Saturday, September 03, 2005

a music meme

Its another one of those days when you have absolutely nothing to do before a future engagement. I chanced upon Molly's site and got this music meme from her. You choose your favorite artist and use their song titles to answer the given questions. Hm, now that wasn't easy. I just nod my head to anything that has a nice beat to it (and that means I don't really keep track of a single artist and follow their songs). For instance, right now I can't get enough of Foo Fighters. Last night it was 311, the previous morning was Staind/Jack Johnson. It also means I have to open up their song lists (three cheers for Google).That hardly helps... and I know, once I shut off the computer, the next day I might like some other song and decide to put that artist on here. Picking Greenday randomly (thnks to my teen spirit and the latest song I downloaded), here goes.

Name of the Band: Greenday

Are you male or female? I don't care

Describe yourself? American Idiot

How do some people feel about you? She's a Rebel

How do you feel about yourself? Rock and Roll Girlfriend

Describe an ex boy friend or girlfriend: Whatsername

Describe you current boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife: (cuz I'm single atm.. um, dunno, skip?) Dearly Beloved

Describe where you want to be: City Of The Damned

Describe how you live: Holiday

Describe how you love: Rock and Roll Girlfriend

Share a few words of wisdom: Wake Me Up When September Ends

Now THAT was the best meme I've filled out so far :D try it out and let me know what you all came up with. It's bound to make someone laugh.

¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.¤ song of the moment ¤¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸

Everlong by Foo Fighters

I've waited here for you

I throw myself into
And out of the red,
out of her head she sang

Come down
And waste away with me
Down with me

Slow how
You wanted it to be I'm over my head,
out of her head she sang

And I wonder
When I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when
She sang

Breathe out
So I could breathe you in
Hold you in

And now I know you've always been
Out of your head,
out of my head I sang

And I wonder
When I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when
She sang

And I wonder
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when
She sang

Thursday, September 01, 2005


! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

FINALLY *phew*
what isn't there to love about this month? :)

~ The loveleh month of Fall starts
~ University opens up
~ Birthdays of all the people who mean the most to me
~ MY birthday hehe :P
~ I somehow always find out that this month brings something new to my life
~ The best rainfall in the year
~ And a whole lot more, gimme sometime to think of it all, heh

With that, hope ya'll have a great month to look forward to !

Song of the moment : Remember When It Rained by Josh Gorban
Wash away the thoughts inside
That keep my mind away from you.
No more love and no more pride
And thoughts are all I have to do.
Remember when it rained.
Felt the ground and looked up high
And called your name.
Remember when it rained.
In the darkness I remain.
Tears of hope run down my skin.
Tears for you that will not dry.
They magnify the one within
And let the outside slowly die.
And yeah, right now I'm thinking a whole lot - about this someone, whom I haven't thought about in a while (as if heh). It just flashed through my mind, and it the feeling's almost startling. There are some things that never die do they? *sigh* So, this song's for this person who'd captured every breathing life in me for quite a while (I really should consider starting on that romantic bestseller).

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"rain on meeeee..."

'tis been raining allll day now - reduced to a drizzle now. Ahh, it was such a relief after the scronching summer heat : Know what... on such days you wish you had someone next to you, with whom you could just watch the rain, fall asleep, wake up to feel 'em next ta you ... or maybe I should just write the next romantic bestseller.

Other than that, I'm doing pretty good with my 'last shot' at shoo-ing away the internet addiction. I still listen to my playist when I wake up first thing in the morn, go to sleep after having heard some song depending on my mood, but it's waaay better than before. Heh, here's me hoping life's finally looking up...

song of the moment - 'Unforgiven' by Metallica
What i've felt
What i've known
Never shined through in what i've shown
Never be
Never see
Won't see what might have been
What i've felt
What i've known
Never shined through in what i've shown
Never free
Never me
So i dub thee unforgiven...

(no relation whatsoever, to my mood - just like the way the chorus is sung - but if you wanna know my mood, it's 'Word Up' by Korn)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tips To Beat BOREdom : by my sIstEr

Read 'Victoria and the Rogue' by Meg Cabot
Followed by the movie 'Mean Girls'


Ack !

Song of the moment : Run by Snow Patrol

Girl talk. Blah.

I recall how one week (in sophmore year of hs) started with a friend calling (again.. its amazing HOW much girls can talk if allowed to) and screaming worse than a hoghorn, "Ich liebe es! Ich liebe es! Ich liebe es!" Now thank God I know she'd been taking german classes, otherwise I would have retorted back lamely with some made-up language (done it before, it was fun). Trying to stay awake, I ask her:

Me - What was that again?
Her - Ich liebe es..
Me - ...
Her - Heh.
Me - Okay.. sounds like your german classes aren't working.
Her - I KNOW what it means, and its right.
Me - Sure. And it means..?
Her - I love it (what a goofball).. how would you know? hehe (jesus, that giggle)
Me - I knew that, but what is that you love?
Her - It. (oh boy, NOW I get the hint that the talk wouldn't get over anywhere close to 2 more hours)
Me - It... (by this point I could remind her - and not politely - to kindly check the clock and call me back after 9am; wasn't an hour at night enough?)
Her - ... you know !
Me - Uh, if you say so. I'm happy for ya; you love it, I'm sure I love it too, we both love 'it', can I go back to my sueño?
Her - Soonio.. ?
Me - Lemme elaborate hmm? *yawn loudly* .. NEEEED sleep, siesta, sonno. Now hun.. *nod off to sleep, not bothering to hang up*

Why did I include that silly convo? No idea. The entire smartass talk RUINED my sleep.. especially when I was only recovering frm insomnia :\ Actually me loves middle of the night calls.. ONLY if ppl have some sympathy for the hour and the woozy condition a sleepy person might be in - and get straight to the point. Or sing me to sleep again, or bore me to sleep.. anything but girl talk, which demands participation and equal levels of "ooohh la la la" energy. Mweh. I guess thats what this rather short entry's about. Girl talk. And how much it pisses me off. All that hypertalk, those words... what a waste.

Oh by the way, this friend wasn't really a friend friend. You know, one of those friends who hardly stay in touch after high school. BUT. That hardly makes a difference. I'm still pretty much disgusted with it all - and I know, it's pretty weird, especially coming from a girl. Hell with it.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

fightING temptatIONS

... is so frigging tough grRrRr someone just shoot me

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Feel Good Co.

Yup, not Feel Good Inc. (no offense, I LOVE the song by the Gorillaz). This one's another FWD I got quite a while back, and found it lying in my inbox (yeah.. finally cleaning up the damn thing). So here are the tiny things that are worth.. everything unspoken. I got it from one of the FWDs in the email.

Like someone said : Life isn't measured by breaths you take; but by moments that take your breath away...

1. Falling in love.
2. Laughing so hard your face hurts.
3. A hot shower.
4. No lines at the supermarket.
5. A special glance.
6. Getting mail (ok, not bills)
7. Taking a drive on a pretty road.
8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.
9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.
11. Chocolate milkshake (or vanilla or strawberry!)
12. A bubble bath.
13. Giggling.
14. A good conversation.
15. The beach.

16. Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter.
17. Laughing at yourself.
18. Holding a newborn baby.
19. Midnight phone calls that last for hours.
20. Running through sprinklers.
21. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
22. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful.
23. Laughing at an inside joke.
24. Friends.
25. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.
26. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.
27. Your first kiss (either the very first or with a new partner).
28. Making new friends or spending time with old ones.
29. Playing with a new puppy.
30. Having someone play with your hair.

31. Sweet dreams.
32. Hot chocolate.
33. Road trips with friends.
34. Swinging on swings.

35. Making eye contact with a cute stranger.
36. Making chocolate chip cookies.
37. Having your friends send you homemade cookies.
38. Holding hands with someone you care about.
39. Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad) never change.
40. Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much desired present from you.
41. Watching the sunrise.
42. Getting out of bed every morning and being grateful for another beautiful day.
43. Knowing that somebody misses you.
44. Getting a hug from someone you care about deeply.
45. Knowing you've done the right thing, no matter what other people think.

There. Run across a field and feel good. Wow, whata headstart for da day :D

~The End~

Last night of absolute freedom ...

okay, back to cleaning up the house before moi family returns. maybe tomorrow. damn procastination. wait, today.. its midnight. yeah... maybe in the morn (when I wake up one last time to the sound of ... silence - it was getting to me by the way - did that just contradict my dismay over my last night of freedom? maybe, blah).

song of the moment : Tonight and the Rest of My Life by Nina Gordan

Monday, August 22, 2005

Internet Part 2 : Addiction

Frankly speaking, the entire "ok-no-more-internet-for-a-few-days" scene I had going didn't quite go off so well... frm my apparent recent posts (wow, nearly every single day). Also, staying away frm the yahoo!, msn messengers definitely didn't work out. I eventually found out (and not accidentally either) that msn has a web browser, and one can open up their messenger wherever there was an internet connection (and wherever I went..there WAS a computer/laptop.. looking at me in the face, almost treacherously inviting, dammit). I did turn away and tried to focus my attention on kids/babysitting/movies/swimming (as if..). And like on record, it didn't WORK ! I always found time to sit alone and think. Think of things I shouldn't be thinking, or even better, don't like to think about (sounds better heh). For instance, fretting unnecessarily over things you have no control over. It's futile, but you know how paranoid ppl are. They just can't stop thinking... thinking... about the "what-if"s. Oh yeah, the "what-if" is a fav of mine. Makes you feel depressed and further in a shyt-hole. Hm.. that just sounded bad. Okay, I'm gonna give it another shot. One last shot. If this doesn't work (the 'staying' away).. blah with it. Everything happens for a reason (the reason better be good), or I like to think of it thata way. The worst part to all this ? By the end of the day, I really have no clue what I did on the net. Browsed through, listened to the radio, blogged, checked my email, commented on blogs, learnt this tiny bit about web designing... that sounds a lot, but with high-speed internet, that shouldn't take more than 2 hours max. The rest of the 6-8 hrs? No idea.. the computer's idle most of the time, while I'm doing other stuff. That sounds like a good excuse. BUT... THAT is the problem. Leaving the computer on for ..what ? Addiction. That's what it is. Even when I'm sleeping, out for a jog, at the library, it's switched on the entire time. Of course, haven't I got excuses for that too. One, it gives me this sense of 'connection' with the world (friends, fellow bloggers, etc.). Two, the radio's got the latest music on. Three.. just 'cuz. Heh. The power supply blew out quite a number of times in the last week, and really, for the first time in years, I almost felt handicapped without the internet/computer whatever. I couldn't think of anything to do - even if I did, I lost interest in it within a few minutes. It reminded me of what someone had said a long time ago to me. Something like, "We've become so dependent on technology, that we can't think of a life without it." I know I'll have this sentence haunt me at uni too, working/studying around Macs, with buildings operated by computers. And a major perfectly defining it. Maybe that sounds a bit off.. but it's true. Living all by myself, I got a look at my life from the outside. It wasn't very appealing. I still had 4-5 hours with nothing to do. Idle. That's counting the hours after 'quiet time', ' leisure time'. That makes me wonder.. what AM I doing here now? (oi, you're catching up with blogging before heading out. Yeah, right.) Okay, one last shot. Cheers. To me.

Besides all that, I must say MSN's done a helluva job with the spaces. You can add music, lists, hang-out spots, interests, pictures, etc. etc.. And lately, more and more ppl seem to have realized that :) lol and started 'utilizing' it. More bloggers, the better. I think. Blogger addicts? Uhm, maybe not so good. Welcome to the big, wide world of the blogosphere !

Another thing, I've set a record already. I've gone through 3 days of not having talked to anyone on messenger :D uh, bet it's nothing to be proud of (just indicates I'm losing my 'touch'), but hey... for me it IS. It means I can go without messaging ppl and spending time in... talks, which later prove not to be so worthwhile. Yay ! Really, that's a big step in the entire 'detatching' thingy. Okay.. with that, I'm out for today. Trying hard at that one last shot.

Lets make it clear though.. blogging doesn't count :) Wait, what am I detatching frm then ? hm.. oh yeah. Cutting down on the hours. Got it. Later, and thanks for reading 'til here (addict... kidding).

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Talk abt Graphic

Saw this movie 'Sin City' ...and uhm, can't say it was one of my favorites. Not that I wasn't warned in the beginning that it was 'graphic', 'yuck', 'sick', 'chilling', ' horrifying', 'definitely not with an adult' by a few friends. I mean really.. who would want to watch :

1. One's celeb crush devouring women alive and sticking up their heads as a "gross way of reminding himself he's acquired another soul" a.k.a. werewolf with quite a disastrous appetite.
2. Body parts being ripped off..

3. Women being called "sexy", and why? Oh 'cuz they can shoot a guy right where it hurts and strut around in barely anything (wait, that IS considered sexah..nevermind)

4. People fighting over a chopped head... eventually, it gets blown into pieces, ugh

5. Blood, blood, blood... ugh

The ultimate "sinful" movie. The comic strips' (the movie's based on a comic book.. imagine that) got quite a handful of sights. Maybe I'll buy one for the heck of it.

It's weird though... when the movie ended, I felt as if it wasn't bad at all (almost to the point that I could watch it again.. cheers to Mr.Rodriguez for that). But through it all, I was thinking, "okay... it should end now... oh no, not anymore..".

Would I recommend it to someone? Sure. One needs to watch such movies once in a while. It's the goriest, fast-paced (or however it's spelt) movie of our generation. So why not..

music m3m3

A music meme. I don't really know how to explain it, but its a huge hit-off in the blogosphere and meant for ppl who just wanna kill time :) aka me at the moment. I forgot who I tagged this from but I went onto this site, typed in my birth year in the Search box and picked the top 100 songs of that year. The whole point is to figure out how many songs you know from that period. I've highlighted the ones I've listened to.

1. Walk Like An Egyptian, Bangles
2. Alone, Heart
3. Shake You Down, Gregory Abbott
4. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me), Whitney Houston
5. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Starship
6. C'est La Vie, Robbie Nevil
7. Here I Go Again, Whitesnake
8. The Way It Is, Bruce Hornsby and the Range
9. Shakedown, Bob Seger
10. Livin' On A Prayer, Bon Jovi
11. La Bamba, Los Lobos
12. Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Wang Chung
13. Don't Dream It's Over, Crowded House
14. Always, Atlantic Starr
15. With Or Without You, U2
16. Looking For A New Love, Jody Watley
17. Head To Toe, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
18. I Think We're Alone Now, Tiffany
Mony Mony, Billy Idol
20. At This Moment, Billy Vera and The Beaters
21. Lady In Red, Chris De Burgh
22. Didn't We Almost Have It All, Whitney Houston
23. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, U2
I Want Your Sex, George Michael
25. Notorious, Duran Duran
26. Only In My Dreams, Debbie Gibson
27. (I've Had) The Time Of My Life, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
28. The Next Time I Fall, Peter Cetera and Amy Grant
Lean On Me, Club Nouveau
30. Open Your Heart, Madonna
31. Lost In Emotion, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
32. (I Just) Died In Your Arms, Cutting Crew
33. Heart And Soul, T'pau
34. You Keep Me Hangin' On, Kim Wilde
35. Keep Your Hands To Yourself, Georgia Satellites
36. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me), Aretha Franklin and George Michael
37. Control, Janet Jackson
38. Somewhere Out There, Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram
39. U Got The Look, Prince
40. Land Of Confusion, Genesis
41. Jacob's Ladder, Huey Lewis and The News
Who's That Girl, Madonna
43. You Got It All, Jets

44. Touch Me (I Want Your Body), Samantha Fox
45. I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Michael Jackson and Siedah Garrett
46. Causing A Commotion, Madonna
47. In Too Deep, Genesis
48. Let's Wait Awhile, Janet Jackson
49. Hip To Be Square, Huey Lewis and the News
50. Will You Still Love Me?, Chicago
51. Little Lies, Fleetwood Mac
52. Luka, Suzanne Vega
53. I Heard A Rumour, Bananarama
54. Don't Mean Nothing, Richard Marx
55. Songbird, Kenny G
56. Carrie, Europe
57. Don't Disturb This Groove, System
58. La Isla Bonita, Madonna
59. Bad, Michael Jackson
60. Sign 'O' The Times, Prince
61. Change Of Heart, Cyndi Lauper
62. Come Go With Me, Expose
63. Can't We Try, Dan Hill
64. To Be A Lover, Billy Idol
65. Mandolin Rain, Bruce Hornsby and the Range
66. Breakout, Swing Out Sister
67. Stand By Me, Ben E. King
68. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Genesis
69. Someday, Glass Tiger
70. When Smokey Sings, ABC
71. Casanova, Levert
72. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine
73. Rock Steady, Whispers
74. Wanted Dead Or Alive, Bon Jovi
75. Big Time, Peter Gabriel
76. The Finer Things, Steve Winwood
77. Let Me Be The One, Expose
78. Is This Love, Survivor
79. Diamonds, Herb Alpert
80. Point Of No Return, Expose
81. Big Love, Fleetwood Mac
82. Midnight Blue, Lou Gramm
83. Something So Strong, Crowded House
84. Heat Of The Night, Bryan Adams
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You, Glenn Medeiros
86. Brilliant Disguise, Bruce Springsteen
87. Just To See Her, Smokey Robinson
88. Who Will You Run Too, Heart
89. Respect Yourself, Bruce Willis
90. Cross My Broken Heart, Jets
91. Victory, Kool and The Gang
92. Don't Get Me Wrong, Pretenders
93. Doing It All For My Baby, Huey Lewis and The News
94. Right On Track, Breakfast Club
95. Ballerina Girl, Lionel Richie
96. Meet Me Half Way, Kenny Loggins
97. I've Been In Love Before, Cutting Crew
98. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right To Party, Beastie Boys
99. Funkytown, Pseudo Echo
100. Love You Down, Ready For The World

Well, that was bad lol .. I'm definitely not in sync with the yr I was born in.

I also did this 'Blogger Code' thing. Answered the Qs, and here's what my code read...

B3 d- t k- s- u-- f- i- o x-- l- c--

NO idea what that means, but hell. Was worth a try.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Federer Vs. Roddick

i SO wanna watch the match... wish i could :( not on TV...

oh well, guess visiting families and getting to watch kids splash around in the pool is goo' enough. talk abt a perfect "family" day... hm, with another family (not mine).

*sigh* now i wish i were at home... chilling out, watching a movie and tlking with friends... ahh, what a thought. but on another note, that wouldn't quite pan out. the electricity blew out in our area 'cuz of a thunderstorm, which hardly lasted for 15 mins.

anyway. kids are nice... i guess. babysitting isn't though. god bless me..

does anyone even read this crap? blah, i hope not. don't really want ppl ta know-know, you know. um, that made sense :)

Another event I wouldn't wanna miss? Evita - the musical (though it's in Sept). Here's more about it :

Winner of seven Tony Awards®, EVITA brings to life the dynamic, larger-than-life persona of Eva Perón, wife of former Argentine dictator Juan Perón. Eva Perón, blessed with charisma, captivated a nation by championing the working class. The exuberant Latin, pop and jazz influences create a gripping theatrical experience as told through a compelling score by Andrew Lloyd Webber. One of the most popular collaborations between Webber and Tim Rice, this legendary musical features the memorable songs ‘Night Of A Thousand Stars’, ‘Another Suitcase In Another Hall’, ‘Rainbow Tour’, ‘High Flying, Adored’, and ‘Don't Cry for Me Argentina’.

anyway, me's out.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Tenn!s !n th3 Ra!n (uhm, not really...)

To be updated soon (after the match, that is) ... thank you :)

~after the match~

Okay... ALL the 3 matches we watched were amazing ! (thank god we didn't have a downpour we'd been having all night) This was the ATP Masters, and we watched a doubles match between Black/Ullyett and Paes/Zimonjic, singles between Safin/Ginepri and Federer/Acasuso... need I say more? The Safin/Ginepri match was rather disappointing - it ended in almost an hr (not even 60 mins), and worst ... Safin lost :( Acasuso didn't really have a chance against Federer - poor guy was exhausted by the end of the second set. Wish I could have stayed back to watch Hewitt against Roddick, but I think the summer sun took it's toll on me and my friend, so we had to scurry off ta the comforts of our homes... 91 degrees! And the worst humidity our city's had this summer (and it all had to occur today). Gotta love umbrellas/hats and sunscreen. Lasted us the entire 9 hrs :D

Song of the moment : You and Me by Lifehouse

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Saddest Song Eva...

"The Trapeze Swinger" by Iron and Wine (In Good Company Soundtrack)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

oh Beautiful Day ...

It's one of those "walk in the park" days, when you just don't feel like getting outta bed in the morn. Atleast I didn't. I must have woken up 4 times, and gone back ta sleep on all occasions, thinking "okay... 10 more minutes...". Finally I had to wake up when a friend called at 10a.m.. A walk along the lake was a must, and I'm glad I did. It was the perfect way to cure my dragging cold somehow. I just sneezed twice today, compared to .. many on the other days.

Here's the song for today : You're A God by Vertical Horizon. I heard it after ages yesterday and it's stuck 'til this oh-so-beautiful day...

Monday, August 15, 2005


Let's make this clear that I'm thoroughly bored.
I would never (N-E-V-E-R) do this but yeah... like I said, me is bored.
So anyway, I used to absolutely love this site (you answer questions etc.) and most of my spare time was spent here, actually shaking my head at how it"described" my likes and stuff. Today, after almost a year after staying away from the site, I decided to look at all my test results. Here's some of the musings the site came up for me.

Must-See European City : London
(uhm... when I looked at the other options, I wondered how come I didn't get Prague. I LOVE that city, and would do anything to get that answer... grr)

Zodiac Match Test : Cancer
(no offense, but lets get real. Cancerians are so... so, what's the word - unnecessarily emotional. I adore emotions, but not when that's what you have to face 24/7; love romantics at heart - which woman doesn't - but.. nah. Not an over-drive)

Signature City : Seattle
(NOW we're talking)

Fantasy Island : New Zealand
(I'd agree too... but I barely have any knowledge of the place)

Man of Your Dreams : A Secret Agent
(er... yeah, don't ask - I'm just hoping we're talking the Banderas-type agents)

Your Trademark Tune : (You Drive Me) Crazy - Spears
(compared to the other songs... I'm just glad I got this one)

Celebrity Soul-Mate : Owen Wilson
(................................... oh my... did I mention that I just love this site?)

Which That 70s Show character are you : Kelso
(hmm..... for what? my humor ? jeez I sure hope not - no offense to him, but 'i' isn't 'him')

Movie Star double : Drew Barrymore
(The reason - A free spirit like you needs to be played by someone who knows what it's like to carve out her own niche. Um... thatd too deep for me anyway)

What does your style say about you : Sporty and fun
(yup, thats just me - finally something that makes sense)

Which 'Friend' are you : Monica
(LOL ... atleast I know I'm not the only one editing for grammar mistakes in the middle of reading my own compliments)

My 'true' talent : Abstract Reasoning
(You're one of those rare people who can mix two unrelated ideas together to come up with a great new one. Your combination of strategic thinking and creativity can be an incredible value in both business and social environments. Oh wow, the way they put your worst trait in such a manner it makes you shine your teeth outta your mouf)

There's loads more, but I just found something to do - vile away time in short. Yay! Happy e-moding, blogging, etc. etc. - all those good things. One more thing ta do on boring days :)

And Happy Independence Day ta all my Indie friends *huggssss*

Saturday, August 13, 2005

FeTT's VeTTe

~click here to listen~
My backpack's got jets
I'm boba the fett
I bounty hunt for jaba hut
To finance my vette
I chill in deep space
A mask is over my face
I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes
Cuz my time I don't like to waste.
Get down

*cheers* animeFrEaK

How Simple Synonyms Mean So Much

When you're Hurt ...
injury, harm, trauma, distress, suffering, detriment, damage, harm, scathe, ache, smart, pain, anguish, wound, bruise, offend, spite, weakened

It invokes Anger ...
rage, fury, ire, wrath, resentment, indignation, enrage, incense, infuriate, madden, provoke, bristle, burn, explode, flare, foam, fume, rage, seethe, steam

With the anger turning to Disgust ...
nauseate, repel, revolt, sicken

As you try to find Reason ...
intuition, understanding, judgement, basis, foundation, justification, warrant, rationale,logic, sense, lucidity, mind, sanity, soundness

For all the Unjust things done to you ...
unfair, inequitable, unequal

And sort all the Lies told earlier ...
canard, cock-and-bull, flasehood, flasity, fib, fiction, inveracity, misrepresentation, misstatement, prevarication, story, tale, untruth, whopper, fish story, tall tale

About Affection ...
attachment, devotion, fondness, liking, love, tenderness, heart, warm-heartedness

About caring for other's Feelings before your own ...
feel, touch, tacticilty, sensation, sensibility, awareness, attitude, sentiment, affection, emotion, belief, conviction, idea, mind, notion, opinion, persuasion, position, view, air, ambience, aura, tone, spirit

You discover You ...
And learn to speak up for what you feel.
Learn to respect your feelings.
Discover a whole new you.

Friday, August 12, 2005

live your best life

I don't know exactly what a prayer is.
I do know hot to pay attention, how to fall down
into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,
how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,
which is what I have been doing all day.
Tell me, what else should I have done?
Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

-Mary Oliver, from "The Summer Day"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Human Clay

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight
Welcome to this place
I'll show you everything
With arms wide open
Now everything has changed
I'll show you love
I'll show you everything
With arms wide open