Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dog Days

Summer's finally here people.

My break started with the fortunate onset of the FIFA World Cup and most football fans can imagine the life I've had since then. With no concrete plans, I don't know how my supposedly last non-academic summer break is going to go. But I do know for sure this will not be anything like the past one (where I was home-alone for a bloody long time) or the one before that (where I was flying from one city to another getting paperowork done for a new school and a new life... all over again). I want stability, I want to experience what it feels when people say these are the dog days. Though the possibility of is bleak, I'll keep y'all updated of my mucho interesting life in the da Nati and hopefully, somewhere else too through my new blog Dog Days, which is dedicated for the summer only. I didn't feel like changing the template of Eeperz to a more summer-y theme, so I got another blog to do that. Talk about convinience haha. I haven't blogged on it yet... my blogging-slack doesn't seem to cease o.O So I'll be around and have a greeeat summer !

Until then.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer Plans

So what's everyone up to this summer?

(upcoming post : Reasons Why One-Liner Blogposts Should Be Brought Back Into Fashion)