Wednesday, September 21, 2005

summer of O-five

aye, with the successful completion of my first day at uni, my summer vacations have come to an end ! (high time they did anyway)

quick summer update :

this summer was very messed up memorable if you ask me. it started off with me being the only one in the family HAVINg vacations while my sis and dad slogged off for their exams lol. That was a fun time... staying home-alone (it was a prep/crash course for the 25 days I had to spend alone). Then there were hikes, road trips to the Niagara Falls, Wheeling (awesome Iskon temple there), Cali trip. Um, then it was just home basically. With sporadic days of movie marathons and tennis matches. Frankly speaking, I must have watched over a 50 movies in those 20 days... it was a crazy time. Of course, blogging sky-rocketed. Caught up with old friends, facebooked myself (last night actually... was skeptical abt the 18 yrs and over part), got to know a whole lot of people, had a few 'best moments' of my life, learnt web designing, finally started playing tennis again after 2 years and... turned a year older (and I have no idea how that happened, I mean, the yr just flew by).

on the last day few hours of being 17 :

i LOVe being 17 !!!! whhhhy do I have to turn 18......................... god darn it. Had my first day of uni today, am stuck now 'cuz dad has a class 'til 7 or something, gave an english essay exam on the first day (this sucked big time; when asked why : "we're making sure you 're placed in the right level" jeez),got a needle poke/injection (they declared me 18 as they couldn't poke a 17 yr old 'university' student : "who's heard of a 17 yr old undergraduate??" uhm... me? c'mon, I have classes with a brainiac who's only 14 pfft). plus, love the weather outside. 66 degrees... what more can ya ask for in september?

and lotsa hugggggggggggsss and thank you ta all the ppl who remembered :) take care ya'll. a'ight, here's me kicking open the 18th year door.

techno fad of the moment : ipod Nano


rishabh_flop_ruler said...

oh u r bday? happy budday!!!!

btw..i was jest wunderin..umm..66 degrees? which scale ya referrin to?

3ngin33r said...

danke :)

66`F lol, WHy would i like a 66`C weather?!

oh. before i forget. what on earth's happened ta shouvik ? or ANYone who's gone to singapore ?

rishabh_flop_ruler said...

havn't been in touch with him lately, oh yea kannu's in s'pore too isn't he?
why duntcha write a mail to the pig?

3ngin33r said...

well a lot of the ppl i knew are now in singapore (must be the new hype). IF jhouvik replies bck.... i just send him really lame FWDs now lol