Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a long long time ago

10 years ago I ...

  • was 7 years
  • was having cat fights with a 5 yr old brat in my family
  • was a rebel (just surprises me now, and we're talking abt the physical-fight rebel lol)
  • was under the wing of an awesome local singer
  • used to sing - by far thats the best part abt this year
  • "loved to boss around" - mom (me?! you've got to be kidding..)

5 years ago I ...

  • was 12 and struggling with my tween attitude
  • was studying in a convent for the first time (enlightening...)
  • was never surrounded by so MANY girls ! jk
  • learnt a ..whole lot about erm, feminism and how girls should REALLY be (utter bs if you ask moi)
  • tennis was a part of my life by now
  • had my first crush *sigh* (I swear it was the eyes! 'n the fact we played tennis together)
  • had a series of crushes from then on
  • surprisingly took the whole deal of turning 13 as any other b'day (that was my tween attitude lol)
  • found out my mom was pregnant (... it WAS a shock, having to deal with another sibling)

3 years ago I ...

  • landed in high school, in a new city, new state
  • had my first official phone stalker
  • pursued my dad to get a called ID, but parents...mweh, they found it humorous
  • got over my first crush haha (that took 2 years, yes)
  • declared tennis as my sole ambition in life (that didn't go off too well with the adults though)
  • began to be more tomboyish - loving every moment of it
  • had 'bhang' or whatever its called for the first time
  • was called a 'young ladeh'.... *sigh* someone was living a disillusioned life
  • wondered if anyone could fall so hard over a guy like I had (I did get the answer next year - no one)
  • made a handful of great friends :)
  • got to hear the Pee song by Shvk the first time 'n got into a carpool for the first time

A year ago I ...

  • was in the final year of high school
  • didn't like the idea of leaving my roomates/3 best friends in Azkaban (my boarding school)
  • changed my city, house, school for the 8th time I think
  • got the "don't-give-a-shit" attitude I hated a few years back
  • still sucked at Physics
  • grew so close to a guy it scared me to death
  • turned 17 (by far the only year when I look back and wonder whether it was the worst/best year of my life)
  • felt 'responsible' (at last) when I watched my little sister off on her first day at school

This year I ...

  • HATE the fact I'm turning 18
  • wish September would never end
  • had the longest summer vacation (4 months)
  • grew so far apart from a guy 'n that scared me too
  • got into university (yeah, it was doubtful..)
  • shall stay away from cigs (hear that mom?), even though its allowed at 18
  • have posted more entries on my blogs than I'd eva done before
  • found out I'd have to attend 4 high-school reunions

Yesterday I ...

  • watched The Notebook for the 6th time
  • posted on this blog at some crazy hour
  • talked to a close friend after weeks and it felt good
  • played the Sims all day
  • was reminded by the newspaper it was Labor Day 'n the reason for my sister's holiday

Today I ...

  • woke up real early
  • had a long looooong discussion with my little sister on the movie 'Shark Tale'
  • was told by a family friend I'd put on a few pounds (um, doesn't a girl love to hear that)
  • almost put on my gym shoes but hopelessly gave up the idea ( I hate Tuesdays in general)
  • got to know about love potions on Sims, thnks to my sis
  • ate like no tomorrow
  • made a pathetic attempt at a make-over
  • sit here wondering if this entry is even productive in any way

Tomorrow I ...

  • will be excited about Orientation at uni (even though it's the 2nd one)
  • will try to look at the positive side of my dad returning from his project work after a month
  • shall try not to post on here
  • will go for the 4 day ol' jog
  • will laze around all day and basically do nothing once the evening sets in
  • will be yawning like a maniac at the same hour - doing nothing
  • will wait for some miracle to make things like they were before

Song of the moment : So Far Away - Staind vs. Mr. Bombastic - Shaggy ( as if )


yep, it's me.... said...

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thePsychologist said...

Hey have fun at frosh week...what kind of courses will you be taking?

3ngin33r said...

heh thnks dude, though my first week doesnt strt in another 2 weeks or so... :| the wait's terrible lol

as for the courses, i have all the freshman undergrad engineering courses. hm.. lets see - 1st qrtr there's chem, eng, calc, ele/comp eng prog, another calc course for God knows what...

LostKender1974 said...

Why are you not looking forward to 18?

3ngin33r said...

wellll lets see..
1. responsibilytyes (can't even spell it right)
2. turning a yr older
3. a yr closer to 20
4. what's wrong with 17?!
5. i love being 17 (thatis what's important isn't it lol)
6. i can legally vote now... imagine all the PRESSURE
7. last yr of being a teen :( almost
8. its just scary
9. i guess i'm too immature to even be called an '18 yr old university student' jk
10. i just don't wanna

besides that, thnks for stopping by my site :) keep blogging!

Anjai said...

hey..nice blog. thnks for dropping a comment on my blog! you dunt need to worry abt yesterday, today n tomorrow. go n hv fun gal!! shud not miss these fun yrs. will neway face load later in life. hence, Enjoy!!!