Friday, April 28, 2006

On Jolie

Yup, I'm talking of none other than Angelina Jolie. Most of us know her as the hot, sultry woman in Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, smoking up the screen with... everything she's got. I'll even admit she was one of the few actresses I looked at and had to do a double take just to get another look haha, I guess there's something about her. Something sensual? Exotic? Enchanting? Probably. I like to call it a strenght within that just radiates out of her. A confidence, a feeling that you could trust her and a mystery that doesn't send out sexual innuendos, no. But a mystery that makes her more human - like there is a reality in all that glamour. That isn't the point of this entry though. It's more of a growing admiration for a woman who is giving her all to people who need everything they can get. Currently, she's in Namibia, pregnant with Brad Pitt's child and doing what she loves in a place she loves, taking care of others, when she is the one who needs to be taken care of at the moment. I watched her latest interview with a reporter about her work there, her to-be-born child and her mission. Hearing her speak itself is amazing. She's passionate about what she's doing, modest and as down-to-earth about it as possible. I guess I relate more to what she's saying because I myself love doing what she's doing. And sort of watching her juggling her personal and professional life at the same time gives me hope that I too, will be able to do all that I want to do. My spring break in New Orleans was a breather from the regular, fast-paced life of an average college student and I hope I'll be able to keep doing similar things... really hope, as my major has nothing to do with helping people. Sure, probably create the next smallest nanochip or whatever, but polluting the environs in the process is some way or the other. Ironic huh. Jolie's an actress. Still is. She's still doing it all. It no doubt, makes you want to know more about her - to look past fan sites that portray her as every other "HOT HOLLYWOOD STAR!!!" and to recognize her efforts. In educating people. In helping out children, refugees. And you know what the sad part is... most people would still view her as Lara Croft, "can't get enough" of her pictures in leather and lace. Maybe appreciate her for one second, but forget about it all the next. Like a lot of people out there get motivated to do something for that second and snap! back to their own lives. Who wants to do all that when there's so much to do at home itself? Who wants to do all that when our bosses are constantly harping or making our lives a living hell? And who wants to do it when exams and quizzes won't give us a break? Truthfully speaking, no one should in that case... it's more spiritual or a matter of the heart, if you may call it, when you do such things. A peace, a happiness that consumes oneself after doing all that. It is true. There does exist such a thing. Opening our minds, educating ourselves if not others, is important. There is really so much to learn, so much to see, that we would need a lot more lifetimes to do it all. Being in New Orleans made me, made all of us down there feel so small. So helpless. It disheartened us at the thought of all the work that needed to be done. But only for a second. We thought, If not now, then when? If people kept getting discouraged, would all the dreams of all these people ever come true? Would we ever get a "peaceful" world? And by peaceful I don't mean a world with no wars or whatever non-violence leaders define it as. It's the peacefulness of the minds of other people. And it'll only come about when we realize it's about giving more than what you get. I'm not saying everyone should go to Africa, New Orleans or any other place that needs us, but we need to start thinking about it. Yes, hardly do we get time to think about anything other than our work, social outings, parties or getting that personal high to satisfy us for that one moment. And not thinking comes so easy to a few people it truely is incredible. Something that doesn't suit them, or doesn't comply with their regular lives is not to be given a thought eh. Neverthless we all have grey cells. Hightime we put it to use when our bodies are able and fit enough to do something. Think about it. Even if it is for a few minutes. Not everyone can become an activist or a social worker. But acting on your thoughts... take college students for example. Summer breaks, spring breaks - they are such good opportunities to travel, even if it is to Louisiana, Mexico, Chile, or some other city/country which isn't as developed or is struck by a natural disaster, and volunteer and help others. Even if it is only once. Money shouldn't be an issue as I've seen a lot of people out there ready to fund a good cause. And by a lot I really do mean a lot. People who work, have money, should fund a child's education, or make a child's dream come true (like Make A Wish foundation tries to do). It's great how certain scholarships require certain number of community hours to be renewed every year. All the hours make you feel differently - about your life, your friends, people who you interact with on a daily basis, your coursework. And definitely sets priorities straight - atleast for me it did... It made me realize a lot about my life in general, about my "friends", people who mattered to me and people who didn't really need all the attention I was giving to them and yeah, a craving to do more. In all, it defines you as a better human being if nothing else...

That being said, I guess I rambled off a little there. If given a chance I'd bore you with more of my thoughts, but this is it I guess for the night. Do take the time and watch Jolie's video. You'll love listening to her :) I especially liked all of her videos where she spoke of her work. If a person is passionate about something, it definitely sounds a whole lot better when they're doing the talking heh. And I know you will agree with her belief that there is a potential is everyone to do something. I'd love to create an aud blog right here, right now instead of having said all that... but inconviniences hold me back. Typing fatigue for one. Ohhh, do visit our Orleans website too. It was my idea basically... so I need to atleast advertize it somewhere. Ah, Angelina Jolie. Jolie... I guess this is how it feels when you have someone to look up to for the first time in your life. Almost like a role-model eh.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


HAHA the funniest thing ever... so I'm taking English Research Composition classes right, and I submitted two papers in the last week with the professor's name as Katie Holmes-Timberlake. So my sister peers over another outline I was making for class tomorrow and laughs at the name. You know, Katie Holmes and all and I start laughing too... only to realize, "OH SHYT!!! I HOPE that's her name... lemme check..." I'm sure that was her name, I'd been writing that all along hadn't I? And how could I be so stupid and think up such a name. Sooo... I look it up and it's Kristen LOL and the Timberlake-Holmes switched. It was hilarious - my sister was laughing so hard and I was all "ughh... I'm doomed". Now I can only wait and see what remarks she has to put on those two papers...


Thursday, April 20, 2006

note to self

Nothing lasts forever.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I got my first departmental warning tonight! And why it sucks and yet, kicks ass:
  • It was sent over the e-mail
  • I was the only freshman (I think) who received it, along with a lot of sophomores and juniors
  • Dad laughed and laughed when he heard what we all did
  • Mom - no reaction lol
  • I discovered that I get my own e-mail back when I send one through the undergrad listserv
  • Us engineers rock
  • I'll post up the details soon. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Breaking News!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, popularly known as TomKat (how cute), just had a baby girl (God bless the radio in cars) and named her Suri.


Imagine that. I wonder what it means. After my mom heard me telling it to my sister (who happened to go into the normal teen depression after hearing it haha), she commented it meant something rather offensive in Punjabi. Yeah, my mom knows a helluva lot of languages. She takes after me *grins*. So basically it means a pig. A female pig even. This has got to be the bitchiest post I've ever written. No purpose. No respect for other people. I frankly love the name. It's soft and pleasant to the ears (see the purple pink-ish colour I have going on here to celebrate?). We even call one my uncles Suri... but really. I would have lived without learning about the meaning, but in a way I guess I can't stop at such exotic names without finding out what they mean. Also, Moi, Dreamer (who hardly updates) and Nina (who never updates)missed me so much on here... I just had to blog something. I promise to come up with something better by tonight or by the end of the week. My life's been pretty uneventful; I had the time of my life all weekend and am currently suffering from a high known as narcissism, so I'm pampering meself at me home. The endless quizes today should have given me a knockout reality check, but instead put me back in slacker mode once again, so another post will be coming up soon. Don't get too excited *winks* Hasta.

A really good song to listen to: The Closest Thing by The Julianna Theory. I would have uploaded it on the right, but like I said... I'm in the mood for some serious slacking.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

"... raindrops on my window"

One of the things I like - no, love - is falling asleep when it's raining outside. My bed's right under the window (and it's not your typical bed either; more like a mattress on the floor. I like it that way 'cuz I can roll out of bed and not hit the floor... or never having to fear dustbunnies under your bed). The inexplainable feeling of lying down and watching the dark clouds go by, with the tree swaying lightly in the wind is amazing. Most people can't go to sleep when it's raining and I'll agree with them to an extent. We've had major thunderstorms these past few days. The days are bright and warm. Come night, and it looks like your city might be swallowed by the rain. Last night I slept with the window open because it was so frigging hot in the house, but not hot enough for us to switch on the air conditioning. Around midnight I woke up as thunder seared across the Nati sky. Scary. Really really scary. Tonight's the same, but I'm awake, listening to Cat Power and Donavon Frankenreiter, a couple of new artists I happened to listen a while ago. Soaking up the nig't.

It's warm, yet pleasant. Tense out, yet relaxing inside. A Friday night, yet lazy. A night perfect for us die-hard romantics. I'm not good with words or phrases heh, but you get the picture. With that said, time for me to go and revel what's left of the night and get some sleep. Have a goooood weekend :-)

Monday, April 10, 2006

stop all the world now

Looks like I've been blogging every other day now. It's just that... when everything seems to be whirling by - assignments, weekends, exams, pointless conversations, slacking, months, weeks, days, blogging, reading other people's blogs and laughing at what someone's said from half-way across the world... slows down the world. For that one fraction of the day. One moment. And I guess that is all we need to smile and help us make it through the day. Kinda like what music, photography and driving does to me. Unwind.

Today was "PD" (Panic Day). You know, Mondays, when you realize, "Shyt! Something-something is due tomorrow!" Yeah, tell me about it. I knew it was due tomorrow, but when "I'll-do-it-tomorrow" kicks in, it's hard to ignore the fabricated social life you have. So after a day in front of the computer and books, I was driving back home in the wun'erful 70 degree day when someone pulled up next to me and was playing a song I hadn't listened to in a long time. I laughed (sorta). It was Collide by Howie Day. You know how some songs remind you of someone. And it was nice thinking about shtuff after such a looong time. Driving in the heat, with your windows rolled down. Not caring in the world you were stuck in the traffic for a good extra 15 minutes. Smiling when the world was filled with chaos :-)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Me? Publicity Chair? Yeah right.

I won't lie to you, when I received an e-mail from Rachel telling me someone nominated me for the Publicity Chair for SWE, it felt good. Really really good. For about 5 minutes. Then all the assignments, my grades and general coursework stress dawned on me.

I couldn't take on such a big responsibility. No. Not in my sophomore year. Or can I? I mean, I would be co-oping 2 quarters anyway. My gpa isn't that bad as of now either... well, I need to boost it to keep a scholarship, but I can do it, right? How hard can it be?

Maybe I should just run for the position of a Historian (the person who is in charge of taking pictures of all the events and compiling them by the end of the year into a book and even work with the Web-designer to upload them on the SWE website). Photography is after all, something I like to do and my camera takes pretty decent pictures too.

I don't even know who nominated me haha. I'd made it a point to leave the meeting last week early to avoid being told by anyone to run for any position. I don't even know if I'll get the position. I definitely won't if I decline the offer. Which seems to be the most rational decision at the moment.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Tucking Fornados

Ever walked out to find the campus entirely deserted and the tornado siren going off? And when you try to open the door you just came through... locked? It wasn't locked and neither did I reach for the door. Test sirens go off every now and then at our university (somewhat reminds me of the fire drills we used to have every week in high school). So I wasn't pretty much concerned, assuming I'd missed the announcement that it was a test, as I was busy watching Glory Road a few minutes ago.

My sister calls me in a matter of a few seconds as I stepped out of TUC and the first thing she says is, "MOM! Mia picked up the phone! Talk to her!" haha I actually started laughing and when mom came over the line I acted all panicked, "OMG moooooom! We're being blown away!" It was hilarious then; but I soon realized it was actually a real tornado warning. We had had one last Friday too, so I hope this one isn't much of a big deal.

Cincinnati's never had tornados before, at least not two in one week. Hail storms? And today was predicted to be a 70 degree day, sunny and bright, with the unexpected sirens going off in a distance. We've had a freaky weather this year. It seems as though the spring quarter's started, but winter just doesn't seem to end. It IS a pretty big deal. And it's not just our city. It's all over the world - tiny weather changes, which we shrug off. Which we shouldn't. I guess I get all environmental-nazi on such issues.

Maybe I'll lecture you all about my concerns if I make it through the tornado while driving back home. 15 exits away. Being pelted with hail all along. Just kiddin'. Heh, but it kinda makes me wonder... would anyone care?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Unnaturally Awake

10:15 pm
Nod off to sleep after pulling off a 12-er (12 hr day)

1:30 am
Wake up. Wide awake.

3:50-ish am
Wake up a second time with the song Iris stuck in my head. Again, wide awake. Get irritated. Fall back to sleep.

5:15 am
Wake up for the third time. Get worried because I'm wide awake at 5. Shrug it off and hit the snooze button in my head.

6:34 am
Wake up AGAIN. Don't remember falling asleep this time 'round.

7:00 am
Wake up for university. Wiiiide awake.

... wtf? Though I wish all nights were like this haha. I haven't felt so awake/alert like this in the morning in ages.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Tonight I...

I wish I could have him back.
I wish I could quit him.
I feel ashamed of feeling this way.
I hate feeling ashamed.
I know he would never come back to me.
I hate to think I'm right.
I am only human.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

N*gger Wetb*ck Ch*nk

On Friday we were literally pushed into Mainstreet Cinema (my regular fortnight place to go watch a movie as a proud singleton w00t) in TUC to watch a preview of NWC aka N*gger Wetb*ck Ch*nk, three guys from UCLA, California, uniting people from all over by adding humor to racist issues, stereotypes, etc. ShayShay, MA and I were pretty much free 'til 1pm (except me, who had a physics lecture at 1, but I didn't mind missing 10 mins of it) and decided to watch them. We ended up buying tickets for their show the same night in Downtown Cincy, so you can pretty much imagine how awesome they were. We got pics taken w/ them after their preview *grins* and it looks so cute! You can read more about them here and here 'cuz I'm gonna get some me-time and watch a moo-veh ("Cowboys, Horses and Pr0n"). And yes, lazy too. But I highly recommend you all watching them if they visit your city or catch a few video clips of theirs on TV. It would be great if they made a movie of their entire show.

Overall, last night was great. We walked in the rain and got drenched 'cuz we were all too badass to carry umbrellas; I almost ended up eating chicken and shrimp spring rolls (ick...) and also got classy pics of each other infront of hot cars that were standing outside the Aranoff Center (they were having some bigass painter inaugarating his bigass painting show). Which was fun. Hm, what else...

Ohh, DO listen to
Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie. I'd heard a few songs of theirs a while back, but this one's the best so far. And very different too - my type.

And hope y'all had a good story or two to tell to your grandkids about this April Fool's Day. As for moi... let's just say I prefer the Charlie's Angels over "Cowboys, Horses and Pr0n". Hasta people :P