Tuesday, September 06, 2005

watching a movie 6 times

Even before someone reads this post, they think "oh wow, what was the person thinking? 6 times ??" Yup, thats me. Here to rightfully defend myself as to what drove me to do such a feat lol, kidding. But it just humors me now when I think abt it.

I'm not a huge fan of watching movies repeatedly. One, if its a movie I like - it loses its touch and I just think of it frm then on as boring. Two, it really is a waste of time. And three, its no fun when you know what's going to happen, know the climaxes, anti-climaxes, etc. When I did watch the movie 5 times... I'd just lost if any, traces of sensible thought. The movie's The Notebook, based on Nicholas Spark's acclaimed novel ... um, The Notebook. I'd read the book earlier, but surprisingly found the movie equally good. Generally that isn't the case. For instance, the Harry Potter and LOTR series. You imagine the character, the locations to be different - and the movie director surely has another picture in mind of these things and creates something quite different.

So, back to the movie. The first time I watched half of it at the gym. I stayed back 'til almost 11pm at night, until my mom called me on the cellphone reminding me faithfully of my chores. I had to literally drag myself out (its way easier when someone's on your head saying, "Ok, time's up. LET'S GO"). I won't count that as the first time though.

The first time that I actually watched the ENTIRE movie was when I was stranded home alone for a couple of weeks. I was mesmerized. Thats an understatement. I was enchanted. No. Doesn't sound strong enough. Well, you get the picture. I watched it again. That night (or was it the next?) was the best thing that could happen to a person. Really. I could go to lengths and say I was on cloud nine lol. It was the movie.... plus extras. It didn't last long though... and an unfortunate event spoiled the entire meaning the movie had for me.

Anyway, during the next week, an aunt takes me over to her place for the weekend 'cuz mom didn't like the idea of me 'viling away time at home doing nothing' (which was true, and I'll explain in an entry what I did all summer). We go to Blockbuster and there it is. On the shelf. Worse, the girl cashier quips up, "Oh, you should see The Notebook. Its been having some excellent reviews lately." Great. My aunt grabs it off the shelf (with me coming up with retarded excuses as to why she shouldn't pick it up) and we watch the movie TWO times in a row 'til dawn. I was in a metal disarray by then... of course I'd thought of EVERYthing I didn't want to. I was just glad I wouldn't be sticking around the next day to be tortured again. The movie wasn't the same anymore. It just 'pained' (if thats the word) to even see a single scene. Poor me. Not. Sooooooooo, days go by. Sis comes back frm her vacation and happens to hear the 'view' of my aunt - who had apparently watched the movie a billion times by now eeesh. She beat me to the dvd library that day and got the movie. Again! Blah, as IF I'd sit and watch it with her. I didn't, but the next day mom sort of 'makes' me sit with her and watch it. I told her I didn't have very pleasant memories while watching the movie... but nope. Nothing doing. I'm watching the movie. And guess what? She leaves half-way through the movie. What do I do ? Go ahead with the movie! Gah... terrible. I was sitting there, watching it for the 5th time. Not being able to do anything... bearing it all for nothing. What wouldn't have given at that moment to flee to SA. Anywhere but there.

Frankly, I'd made myself sick by the end of the day. It even effected my appetite, I slept longer not wanting to get out of bed. The movie replayed itself over 'n over in my head. Thank God that lasted only one day. I was up and abt in no time. Now the 6th time. It was tonight. When things trouble me this much... I act kind of crazy and do the exact same thing that does bug me. Makes sense? Well, to me it does. Sorta. It pissed me off that a movie could do that to me. So I watched it again. And hey! Voila :) I smile at the end of the movie like before. Maybe watching it for the sixth time wasn't such a bad idea eh. I could go for a 7th doze too... but nah. I'll keep the feel good feeling within right now just the way it is. Forever (oh boy, don't I love to exaggerate).

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rishabh_flop_ruler said...

the only movie i watched six times is forrest gump and notting hill.
i neva did get to read another another nicholas spark's novel after the "the rescue", didja read that one?

3ngin33r said...

haha the corny crap scared you eh? i've just read The notebook and Message in a Bottle (now that one was a bit too senti to handle). i gave up on him aftr that... it always felt like such a slap in the face to all lurve lives :|

rishabh_flop_ruler said...

but then arent all spark's novels based on tragedy and senti stuff ,

p.s why duz u r comments bar have word verification?

3ngin33r said...

lol you're up late :P

yeah all his novels are filled with senti stuff (abt the tragedy part, it was only Messge in a Bottle i think). one of the reasons why its so popular among 'females'.

the word verification is to avoid spam :| you know, the ones like "hey! i luved your site! im going to add you to my fav column! pls visit {some link}". they're automated and with the verification, only actual 'bloggers' or people can comment (cuz spammers cant read n respond). its quite a bother huh

rishabh_flop_ruler said...

well try typing kbboqwzo, zhyuzx and wxyzt

3ngin33r said...

:P bear wit it

Darda said...

Hello... I not speak English,
You post in my Blog and I not entendi

BrainCoder said...

yes, some movies are best watch a few time. i love the IT movie, "Antitrust".