Monday, October 31, 2005

I need...

This is another 'fun' thoing thats been circulating in the blogosphere. You basically go to and type in " needs" and post the first 10 results here. It IS hilarious haha, so here are moi results (being the 'share-a-laff' types I am hehe).

1. In short, what I need is not either an airport authority or privatization, but both. sure i do, if it involves all those goddamn pilots :P

2. I need to take a bag including "sparklies" to save my grandmother. oooooh, "sparklies" - if that stuff could save her... I'm sure I'll get lost if there were glittering things involved lol

3. I need an injection of something, a plain old intravenous shot will work just fine, since my blood is still circulating. talk about a "i'm-not-dead-yet-gimme-another-shot" order

4. I need to build a time machine to turn back the clock and rewrite history! hell yeah! anyday, anytime, anywhere lol who wouldn't??

5. I need to gain the weight I have lost from the stress of being homeless. ack, don't think sooooo... and talking of homeless, who's homeless??

6. I need a family without toddlers or preschoolers. haha i HAVE a family with a preschooler.............. I doubt if I'd wanna change that

7. I need to learn some dance moves from Britney, to say nothing of the hideous dancing in the crowd. LOL this one speaks for itself

8. I need to make a sound. um, yeah... a lotta sounds will be made when I... eh, nevermind

9. I need a husband if I have to maintain the lifestyle to which I'm currently accustomed. which i do NOT want - the lifestyle I mean - so that deletes the husband too, right?

10. I need to clarify whether a fee payable to an SRE from application monies is actually part of the scheme property. whatever ... you can go right ahead and keep clarifying about that


Incompetant Critic said...

Well i guess u picked up the right topic to dicuss,

I too need some thing to go right in life ,

NE Ways all u need shall be fulfiled soon, thats all i can say ...

>|' ; '| said...

funny post!

3ngin33r said...

@incompetant critic - try this google one, its hilarious. and chin up :)

@-poison- dude, i wouldnt do it if it weren't funny now, would i? :P jk