Monday, September 05, 2005


I got the link to this site from Secret Heart. Its sorta cool and helped me kill another 15 minutes fantasizing of all the countries I'd like to go visit - and come crashing back to earth when I saw how much land I've actually covered. 3 versus 33 !

As for the countries I've been to... the map's really exaggerated. I haven't travelled throughout the US, Kuwait or India for that matter. Though I wish we'd stayed at a place long enough to enjoy it thoroughly. Thats 3 countries in 17 years. Doing some simple math... ack, I'll be able to see all the countries I want to see when I'm 187 years! Er I'll just keep you updated on my explorations. Maybe I'll just take hopping flights the next time I fly. Even touching my feet on the ground might cross off one country.

Ahh.... I so soooo SOO wish the above map were for real. Indicating the countries I've actually been to. Now here's the reality check.

Wish me luck ! (looks like I need a whole doze of it every single day) I've got some sight-seeing, country hopping, whatever to do...

Song of the moment : Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday


Random said...

travelling is such a wonderful joy. i hope you do get to roam around the world. btw, you have three blogs! which one does one track?

i also want to thank you for visiting my blog, and commenting on my poem. i hope you visit again.

3ngin33r said...

you can keep track of this one. i update this one on a regular basis (or try to atelast).

i liked your blog, especially the title haha :) thnks for stopping by!

thePsychologist said...

I hope at least that the frequency of vacations is something like ke^x, k a (hopefully) nonzero constant, and x your age :P. Good luck!

rishabh_flop_ruler said...

which one is the east african one?
the only african countries i wanna go to are egypt and kenya

3ngin33r said...

on the eastern coast? its kenya on the top (cool, you want to go there to huh. i wonder of they host cricket matches there..just a random thought) and zimbabwe below. i'm not really THAT keen on zimbabwe, but kenya, yeah.