Thursday, September 29, 2005

Our Happy Whacky Family : through the eyes of a 5 yr old

I found this so adorable that I ended up posting it here. Sooo here's a drawing my little sis made in her school when asked to explain her family. I'm the purple coloured shtick with... purple hair. Thats her in green. Check out the way the entire body is JUST legs. These days she's fascinated by knees, so yeah you'll see a pair of colourful dots on the legs somewhere. My mom told me I was a huge fan of hands and my drawings were hand prints with tiny cat-like round bodies (the figure-8 ones). Maybe if I find one of them I'll post them on here too lol.

And this one's from last year when she was in kindergarten. It was and still IS one of my favorites. For explaination, this is what I got out of her : the blue is the pure water in the world and the purple is the "duhrty" stuff thrown by "bad people" in the water. Talk about quite an insight huh. Anyway, just felt like sharing that bit-byte with you all fellow bloggers 'n friends. Guess people/kids who paint with some kind of a purpose in mind, speaking so much from one picture amaze me. Or maybe its the first time I'm experiencing a kid around me every single day. Growing up. Learning.

Song of the moment : Roll Another Joint - Tom Petty


rishabh_flop_ruler said...

Tho the intention is gr8, i dun reeli like the first one, but i am completely in loooove with the second one, dunno why, but really, its amazing!
no offense

SA-Eric said...

thanks for the help

3ngin33r said...

lol rishabh, i'll let my sis know

anytime sa-eric, thnks for pining up on the guestmap!

Incompetant Critic said...

Y dont u combine all 3 Blogs ?
I also used u paint well in my childhood

>|' ; '| said...

dat 2nd piece is a masterpiece..

3ngin33r said...

@incompetant critic- ah well, i deleted that blog heh. soo, can we see a childhood painting frm you soon??

@-poison- i know... i have it on my wall now. imagine that.