Saturday, August 20, 2005

Federer Vs. Roddick

i SO wanna watch the match... wish i could :( not on TV...

oh well, guess visiting families and getting to watch kids splash around in the pool is goo' enough. talk abt a perfect "family" day... hm, with another family (not mine).

*sigh* now i wish i were at home... chilling out, watching a movie and tlking with friends... ahh, what a thought. but on another note, that wouldn't quite pan out. the electricity blew out in our area 'cuz of a thunderstorm, which hardly lasted for 15 mins.

anyway. kids are nice... i guess. babysitting isn't though. god bless me..

does anyone even read this crap? blah, i hope not. don't really want ppl ta know-know, you know. um, that made sense :)

Another event I wouldn't wanna miss? Evita - the musical (though it's in Sept). Here's more about it :

Winner of seven Tony Awards®, EVITA brings to life the dynamic, larger-than-life persona of Eva Perón, wife of former Argentine dictator Juan Perón. Eva Perón, blessed with charisma, captivated a nation by championing the working class. The exuberant Latin, pop and jazz influences create a gripping theatrical experience as told through a compelling score by Andrew Lloyd Webber. One of the most popular collaborations between Webber and Tim Rice, this legendary musical features the memorable songs ‘Night Of A Thousand Stars’, ‘Another Suitcase In Another Hall’, ‘Rainbow Tour’, ‘High Flying, Adored’, and ‘Don't Cry for Me Argentina’.

anyway, me's out.


Ricky Star said...

People really do read your blog like me.And your blog is not crap .Its your thoughts ,ya know. Its intresting .I like 'em

keep it up.

Oh thankyou for leaving that nice comment. The comedy business can be rough sometimes. But I keep pushing

3ngin33r said...

thanks for stopping by :) and all the best with future gigs