Sunday, August 21, 2005

Talk abt Graphic

Saw this movie 'Sin City' ...and uhm, can't say it was one of my favorites. Not that I wasn't warned in the beginning that it was 'graphic', 'yuck', 'sick', 'chilling', ' horrifying', 'definitely not with an adult' by a few friends. I mean really.. who would want to watch :

1. One's celeb crush devouring women alive and sticking up their heads as a "gross way of reminding himself he's acquired another soul" a.k.a. werewolf with quite a disastrous appetite.
2. Body parts being ripped off..

3. Women being called "sexy", and why? Oh 'cuz they can shoot a guy right where it hurts and strut around in barely anything (wait, that IS considered sexah..nevermind)

4. People fighting over a chopped head... eventually, it gets blown into pieces, ugh

5. Blood, blood, blood... ugh

The ultimate "sinful" movie. The comic strips' (the movie's based on a comic book.. imagine that) got quite a handful of sights. Maybe I'll buy one for the heck of it.

It's weird though... when the movie ended, I felt as if it wasn't bad at all (almost to the point that I could watch it again.. cheers to Mr.Rodriguez for that). But through it all, I was thinking, "okay... it should end now... oh no, not anymore..".

Would I recommend it to someone? Sure. One needs to watch such movies once in a while. It's the goriest, fast-paced (or however it's spelt) movie of our generation. So why not..


dJsLiM said...

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Sal said...

hey I know what you mean.I watched it with my bf; while he was laughing, I could barely look at all those rip offs.

Cool blog, keep posting!