Sunday, November 27, 2005

I've realized that...

1. I can be 32 minutes late for class if I don't carry my cell phone.

2. I have a tendency to forget my cell phone at home.

3. We can become pathetically dependent on cell phones.

4. Enough about cell phones. Ban cell phones. I'm buying batteries for my faithful wrist watch stashed somewhere in me cupboard. And chucking my cell phone. Cell phone.

5. Chemistry sucks.

6. And I mean all kinds of chemistry - chemical, physical, organic, analytical, biological yadayada.

7. On an average, I spend $3.oo a day at Starbucks. I should be shot. Or my wallet should be.

8. I play with gadgets and other techno crap more than any girl around campus. Does that make me techno-savvy by any chance? Okay, I'm more techno savvy than any girl on campus... sounds better.

9. I give up. Engineering isn't for me... I'm joining the Red Cross. Or even better, play the guitar under the London Bridge 'til dawn. (who am I kidding. I'm d00med to take afternoon lab classes and 8am lecture classes for the rest of my life and sing That was a Crazy Game of Poker by O.A.R forever)

10. I need a job. But no one's ready to hire me.

11. Why? people ask.

12. Simple. I call it the "its-too-f'ing-cold-at-8am" and "i'm-too-f'ing-lazy-at-8pm" syndrome.

13. Also because I haven't applied anywhere as yet.

14. I like nerds.

15. LIKED* my bad. Now I prefer history majors.

16. That's because all the nerds I've come across are a bunch of walking-talking idiots of the highest order, who find the joke: "Why should you date a science student? Because they are familiar with the projectile motion and the right hand rule." ha-ha.

17. A free gynecologist session is not exactly the best "free" service you might want.

18. I'm jealous of Hermione Granger a.k.a Emma Watson O_o (and the kid isn't even done with puberty. I'm so mean haha. I love it. kiddin')

19. Nothing gives you a high like a jog in the snow.

20. No one sings sexy like Gwen Steffani.

21. No one looks sexy like Angelina Jolie.

22. And no one drops it sexy like um, me? jk

23. People change in college O_o I have. I like to think that way. I wasn't purrfect earlier.

24. Popularity is a major issue here - I think its hypothetical bs.

25. I NEED A JOB.......................

26. Why? people ask.

27. I need a couple of dollahs to move to New Orleans to meet my ex. Thats why.

28. Yes, yes. I know, I know. What can you do?? I would do anything for free lodging and food.

29. I should be studying for exams.

30. I am going to flunk big time in the elec/comp eng. class.

31. Detroit MI rocked. Just because I got my geographical directions wrong and took only 2 t-shirts and a pair of jeans as a prep for the snow there.

32. I want to move. Out of Cincinnati. To a new university, place, where ever.

33. Why? people ask.

34. Because I've never been in ONE SINGLE PLACE FOR SO LONG!

35. 2 YEARS! ack... I'm thinking NYC, Manhattan or LA. Hmm. Orr or or oooh Veniiiiice.

36. I'm a rolling stone. Lemme be that way. You got a problem with that?

37. Sometimes me wishes me was born a millionaire. A billionaire is too far-fetched.

38. I've spent 15 minutes on this. Or 20? who cares. I don't. Do you?

39. I'm rambling. I still don't drink. I wonder why now. I still don't study hard enough. Maybe I should consider that Natty Lite.

40. I love you guys. Thanks for reading this. I love you guys... really.


Lonely Guitar said...

hehe oh so true in the case of mobile phones...n oh yea..u were rambling.

thx for ur suggestion about U of Cin.will check it out.


rhea said...

your ex kicks ass lol i love him! buuuuuut i have a thing for guys in cali :)))

Lonely Guitar said...

cali...that reminds me... Uni of southern cali has an acceptance rate of just 23% or even with a 2090 on the new SAT im not too confident :'(

But univ of michigan takes in 62% of the aplicants...and its ranked No. 4 for engineering..wth :S

~_~ ThE DrEaMy RoCkEr *_*

Lonely Guitar said...

not meaning to convert this into a counselling session...but temme sumthin...whats actually more important..SAT scores or high schl grades?


3ngin33r said...

lol Dreamer, USC is tough to get in :| uni of michigan in ann arbor? hm, that one is an amazing place, but dunno abt the eng. prog there. try to look in where a lotta international students are accepted. UC does - i know a couple who came here. drexel has a strong eng. prog. and princeton gets the most $$$.

well, SAT scores bring the monies and high school grades get you admission :) and they're equally important... oh, and so do extra-curri. shtuff... heh, the admission process is a nightmare :\ you might want to strt contacting undergrads in the uni's you're interested in. if its UC :D i iz here haha

@rhea - you can have him :P haha hugsssssssssssss girlfriend ltns!

Lonely Guitar said...

pfffffffffffttt in that case I'm not getting into any college :|


but of course im getting the monies lol.

well, i dont think Umich should b much of a prob, but then they wont give no schols. USC gives lotsa schols but admission is damn tough. I have no doubts about Drexel though, I got in last year(I'm a high schl grad) with a schol or $10000. Same about Stevens instt of tech in NJ.
Other places where I'm applying include John Hopkins, Lehigh, Renesslaer polytech, Miami, Embry RIddle Aero.
And I have no idea WHY i applied at Caltech.
I think in total I'm applyin at abt 15 univs.

~_~ ThE DrEaMy RoCkEr *_*

rishabh_flop_ruler said...

this is where i come and blabber," wtf is going on, comments section of blogger is the last place to discuss college addmission statistics"

Lonely Guitar said...

THAT was a convo killer rishabh :S

AND oh yea, I forgot to mention Michigan state univ and Rochester instt of tech in the list above...and also Northwestern Univ

~_~ ThE DrEaMy RoCkEr *_*

3ngin33r said...

O.o Dreamer

a)you applied to CalTech and John Hopkins
b)you must be a uber-nerd

haha jokes aside, Lehigh is s'posed to be real nice. all uni's in MI are great and Rochester Tech. ... i've heard a lot of stuff abt it. good things, dun worry lol. its cool you're applying to lotsa colleges, it after all increases yer chances of getting in one that you like.

you said you're a hs grad? hm, in that case if you're in a college right now, you might be considered as an international transfer student. get credits transferred, it'll help you continue being a sophomore (2nd yr student) and not be smacked into all fr0sh courses.

wow, i could open my own counselling booth :P and pfft rishabh... shush :)

Lonely Guitar said...

nope...neva joined college. as for bein a nerd...hmm...

well, considering my high school performance, im not really one.
But i was the most shocked person in the whole world wen i saw my SAT scores...

740 Reading, 700 Maths, 650 Writing(8 essay) = total of 2090 on 2400.

so..basically its the SAT scores that prompted me to apply at sum of the better univs like John Hopkins n caltech n all... I've got mixed opinions..sum ppl say SAT scores r more important..sum say theyre equally imp...noone however said high school grades are MORE imp than SAT...yayy!!


Lonely Guitar said...



3ngin33r said...

OI no one anyyyyyywayyyyys me on ma blog :P lol your SAT scores look real good.... but i dunno, i gave the ol' rusty SATs. in yer case, SATs and extra-curr. stuff should matter i think