Saturday, September 03, 2005

a music meme

Its another one of those days when you have absolutely nothing to do before a future engagement. I chanced upon Molly's site and got this music meme from her. You choose your favorite artist and use their song titles to answer the given questions. Hm, now that wasn't easy. I just nod my head to anything that has a nice beat to it (and that means I don't really keep track of a single artist and follow their songs). For instance, right now I can't get enough of Foo Fighters. Last night it was 311, the previous morning was Staind/Jack Johnson. It also means I have to open up their song lists (three cheers for Google).That hardly helps... and I know, once I shut off the computer, the next day I might like some other song and decide to put that artist on here. Picking Greenday randomly (thnks to my teen spirit and the latest song I downloaded), here goes.

Name of the Band: Greenday

Are you male or female? I don't care

Describe yourself? American Idiot

How do some people feel about you? She's a Rebel

How do you feel about yourself? Rock and Roll Girlfriend

Describe an ex boy friend or girlfriend: Whatsername

Describe you current boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife: (cuz I'm single atm.. um, dunno, skip?) Dearly Beloved

Describe where you want to be: City Of The Damned

Describe how you live: Holiday

Describe how you love: Rock and Roll Girlfriend

Share a few words of wisdom: Wake Me Up When September Ends

Now THAT was the best meme I've filled out so far :D try it out and let me know what you all came up with. It's bound to make someone laugh.

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Sarah Jo said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I tried the music meme, and it was very amusing. Great blog(s).

Sarah Jo