Sunday, August 28, 2005

Girl talk. Blah.

I recall how one week (in sophmore year of hs) started with a friend calling (again.. its amazing HOW much girls can talk if allowed to) and screaming worse than a hoghorn, "Ich liebe es! Ich liebe es! Ich liebe es!" Now thank God I know she'd been taking german classes, otherwise I would have retorted back lamely with some made-up language (done it before, it was fun). Trying to stay awake, I ask her:

Me - What was that again?
Her - Ich liebe es..
Me - ...
Her - Heh.
Me - Okay.. sounds like your german classes aren't working.
Her - I KNOW what it means, and its right.
Me - Sure. And it means..?
Her - I love it (what a goofball).. how would you know? hehe (jesus, that giggle)
Me - I knew that, but what is that you love?
Her - It. (oh boy, NOW I get the hint that the talk wouldn't get over anywhere close to 2 more hours)
Me - It... (by this point I could remind her - and not politely - to kindly check the clock and call me back after 9am; wasn't an hour at night enough?)
Her - ... you know !
Me - Uh, if you say so. I'm happy for ya; you love it, I'm sure I love it too, we both love 'it', can I go back to my sueƱo?
Her - Soonio.. ?
Me - Lemme elaborate hmm? *yawn loudly* .. NEEEED sleep, siesta, sonno. Now hun.. *nod off to sleep, not bothering to hang up*

Why did I include that silly convo? No idea. The entire smartass talk RUINED my sleep.. especially when I was only recovering frm insomnia :\ Actually me loves middle of the night calls.. ONLY if ppl have some sympathy for the hour and the woozy condition a sleepy person might be in - and get straight to the point. Or sing me to sleep again, or bore me to sleep.. anything but girl talk, which demands participation and equal levels of "ooohh la la la" energy. Mweh. I guess thats what this rather short entry's about. Girl talk. And how much it pisses me off. All that hypertalk, those words... what a waste.

Oh by the way, this friend wasn't really a friend friend. You know, one of those friends who hardly stay in touch after high school. BUT. That hardly makes a difference. I'm still pretty much disgusted with it all - and I know, it's pretty weird, especially coming from a girl. Hell with it.

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Lindsey said...

You're right...girls talk a lot and it requires tons of energy to keep up with. But it's great when you've got a best friend and you just "get" each other. Foreign language and all.