Sunday, February 26, 2006


I can't seem to get enough of... things. Life in general. I wanna do everything with the snap of my fingers. I wanna do that and say, "Been there, done that. It was awesome." I wanna see every stand-up comedy, every art gallery, every music club, every concert, every breath-taking park, every city, every country. Everything. This year.

Then the thought crosses my mind: "Is it possible?" And people tell me: "There's an age for everything" or "You've got your entire life for it." And I feel like telling them that I want to do it NOW and keep doing it THEN. The reason's simple. It slows down time for me, helps me forget who I am for a while, who you are. Forget the world. Sigh in content and revel in that moment.

*gets out of her reverie*

Uhm. Anyway, back to daily mundane blogging. I did something really stupid this morn. No, I didn't run on the highway after a heavy night of drinking. But hey, that isn't a bad idea... the fastest ticket to getting the comfy bed behind the bars. So I drove without my driver's liscence, insurance and glasses. After like ages. Just to get some *scenic* pictures outside my neighborhood. T'was fun.

I don't even know why I just said that. But there's my second (?) post for this week. The next one would probably be on my exciting spring break. I know, you can hardly wait, can you? I got into EA for all those who care and am FINALLY self-learning Italian. Its not as much fun as Spanish was... but it sounds a helluva lot sweeter to the ear. Especially teh 'I love you' part haha. Got this book called This Book Will Change Your Life Again (365 More Daily Instructions for Hysterical Living) and I know my life will never be the same. What else... I've got exams coming up soon and a messy business needs cleaning up ASAP. Once that's done, peace shall prevail once again.

Aah, I can imagine it now. Aloha March~

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shut Up and Give the Interview

Do you suffer from heterophobia? O wait... I meant interviewphobia. So do you suffer from interviewphobia? Never heard of it? C'mon it isn't THAT uncommon :P

I just had the third interview in moi life; and sadly it was embarassing like the last two. The first was in October when GM came over looking for possible sophomore and junior interns from our college. Pay attention - SOPHOmore and JUNior. At first I had thought the e-mail listserv had screwed up and I'd received teh interview request by accident. So I politely e-mailed the person back and reminded them that I was a freshman.

Bullshyt... GM WANTED TO INTERVIEW ME! As IF I'd do anything that stupid. Heh. Turned out I had two quizes the very same day and a lab right before the interview. By the time I reached there, I realized I was dressed in jeans *ahem* , a semi-formal jacket and wrinkles on my forehead I could feel. That helped. The guy was really nice in reminding me I was the first freshman he was interviewing a.ka. you SHOULD be good otherwise why would anyone recommend youz?


Hell I was good, my arse. It felt like I was interviewing the guy. "What more do you want to know about our company?" "Do you have any other questions?" Of course, I'm a pro at asking the questions and he probably got tired of me in the next 20 minutes. He encouraged me to think about it (you bet I will) as the interview ended and told me I didn't do so bad on my first interview. I was beaming! Literally. It just broke my heart to tell him a few days later that I wouldn't be able to take it up over the summer because of the circumstances that cropped up from nowhere.

I cursed all night, but it still felt good.

The second was for an on-campus job, which I turned down because the building I was s'posed to work in stinked real bad (I never liked medical buildings). Naaa, I told the guy he would need someone with more technical expertise. A junior maybe. Again, I ended up advising the person interviewing me.

The third one was this evening and BOY did I mess it up. It was for an organization called Engineering Ambassadors, who promote Engineering amongst ppl, build bonds with the faculty, students, alumni etc. I'd filled out their application in September when I was all psyched about joining ALL the student groups I could find. Freshman fever, you know. Almost two quarters a later, I'm called for an interview. Now I was looking forward to it... until I found out that sophomores/juniors would me interviewing me. Trust me, THIS was worse. You can act all nice and outworldly when an older person interviews you - like there's NO one better for that position other than you. But when its your peers... eh.

Anyway, the interview began nicely. I started to think it wasn't so bad. I was even reciting words like, "Overall personality development", "Harmony", "Mutual interaction", "Diversity", which I know sounded sooo fake, but hell... I was flushed up so bad and all of a sudden I was feeling claustrophobic (I'm not calustrophobic). I dunno why but I was having these flashes... it had NEVER happened to me. Not even when I was on stage a couple of times. I think it was my empty stomach since morn and the fluorescent lights. Wait, there were no fluorescent lights.

Just kiddin', I wasn't having any flashes. But yes, I do remember fluorescent lights but never seeing them. *blinks*

"They'd said two ppl would interview me... there are FOUR in here! ... damn, this room HAD to be THIS frigging small!? ... where's a clock? I need a clock! I need to see the time! ... Stop smiling so much, STOP nodding idiot - THEY'RE supposed to agree and nod, not YOU!" blah blah

You get the picture. The funniest (I thought it was funny as I walked out) was when one of two girls asked me, "Are you comfortable in giving presentations in front of a large group?" To which I reply, "Um... not really..." FOOL! "... but sure I'd be comfortable if I know what I'm talking about and well prepared." Weak; but what a SAVE!

Overall, it was alright. The thought of becoming an EA is enticing. I'll admit it - I wanna be one. But it doesn't matter if I don't get the position. I'm pretty well-grounded in what I am in and ... its okay.

I think.

Okay, so much for going off on a rant as usual. I've becoming an avid (?) blogger. Sad, but true. I've turned by personal journal online, like a lot of other things.

Song of the week: Ordinary People - John Legend

Saturday, February 18, 2006

per·cep·tion (pər-sĕp'shən)

1. The process, act, or faculty of perceiving.
2. The effect or product of perceiving.
3. Psychology.
a. Recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory.
b. The neurological processes by which such recognition and interpretation are effected.
c. Insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving.
d. The capacity for such insight.

It is how different people look at things differently. Sadly, I read a "friend's" blog entry today and it dawned on me how people perceive things just to ridicule people. This person was specifically talking about a person at their workplace, who they thought was gay; because he looked like one and behaved like one (oh yeah, behaved... we're the next generation, out to create a world devoid of stereotypes). So one day they find out that he in fact, had a rather young girlfriend, who was pregnant with his kid.

Apologetic realization? Quit laughing behind his back? Yeah right.

They laugh some more over a couple of beers. Mock more the next day. Sneer whenever they pass him by etc etc. We've all met such people. Who, I have no idea what, get whatever trivial pleasure out of all this. I'd go as far calling it almost... racist. No offense, but thats just me.

I don't get why people hide behind f'ing lame excuses like "Oh, its just how I perceive things", "Get off my back, wtf is your problem?", "We just think differently". And you blog about it and show what sort of an ignorant fool you are. If that person's reading this - f u dude! I DON'T get people like you - you go to lengths in drawing conclusions based on someone's appearance, the way someone talks and just the way someone is. And you say, "Everyone's different". This is how you accept them, huh. What happens when the world turns the tables on you and makes equally outrageous statements? Then you just get depressed some more and blog why ohh whyyyy aren't people more understanding and why the world thinks you're an arse. Well, I'm not going to lie to you... they ain't wrong. Such people must be lacking ANY dignity if they come looking for sympathy from others. And God help the people who set up to help them. I know it is just plain rude to say that, but I'm sure the person is well-accustomed with this. Doesn't rudeness start with you and end in you? No? Alright then, call me rude. And now that I am, I just want to let them know how callous, heartless, pitiful and retarded their thinking is, and the key to creating a better world is WITH THEM! Stop "breeding" people like yourself! If I'm not mistaken, isn't that how you had reacted to the guy at your workplace having a kid?

I'm sure such people have their good qualities, but there's a bloody limit to everything. Maybe I'm over-reacting because when people turn so freaking blind towards a person who they think is gay, I just lose it. I've been brought up in a whole bunch of places and met people who are gay or bi. It was sort of uncomfortable when I was 9 years old. But now its almost normal to me and thats why I have pretty large group of friends who are the way they are. I love my friends and at times come out too strong when people like this person act their macho bullshit and snicker and talk rotten behind their backs. They don't have the guts to come right out and say it to the person (of course, unless the victim is all alone and "my boys are there to back me up"). Its truely pitiful.

I find it hilarious that I actually sympathized with this person when they were going through a rough time. Its just too bad you just proved a lot of people who you really are, eh?

Call me shallow and fickle for changing my mind so fast.

But its just the way how I perceive things.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

No Signs, No Courtesies, tyvm

(5 year-old sis walks in while I'm watching a movie)

Sister: what are you watchin'??
Me: A movie; done with your work?
Sister: Yaa, you know how many time I have gotten bumped by ppl at school?
Me: Hmm... how many?
Sister: Five hun'red an' fifty million times!

(she flays her arms around as if adding effect to her statement)

Me: wow! Thats a lot.
Sister: (nodding) and I don't even cry!

(she gives me her biiiiiiiiig smile, as I try not to laugh)

Me: Thats very brave. What do you tell the ppl who you bump into?
Sister: Nuthin' (a nonchalant shrug). We jus' go away.
Me: (I give her the quick raised eyebrow look) Well, you should say "I'm sorry" or "Excuse me" and ask them whether you hurt them or not...

(by now she's looking at me as if I had lost my frigging brains)

Me: ... right?
Sister: But there are no signs saying you SHOULD! Tha's why no one says it.

(she bounces back to her room after giving me a look that said, "Dood. You need some serious lessons in life")

Uhm. Kids. Go figure.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Story of Happy Singletons

Valentine's Day scene.

Scene I
Random ppl hand out flowers to raise money for funding purposes. FLOWERS! Singletons love flowers. They buy a $2 pink rose. Singleton's happy. Fund-raising ppl happy.

Scene II
(At the malls)
Pink. Pink. Oh that pink. On such occasions, singletons should be given the right to buy free glasses that turn them colour-blind.

Scene III
(Inside the stores)
Small hearts. Medium hearts. Large hearts. XXXL hearts. Small stuffed bears. Large bears. Sexy-growling bears. "I Love You" squeaking bears. Cards that profess such everlasting lurve. All so sweet. Ew.

Scene IV
(On the streets)
Do they even go onto the streets this day? Or... this entire month? Can't blame them. People suddenly realize they have a valentine and snog 'em like there's no tomorrow. Genuine peck on the cheek? Ha! How exactly do you define genuine gestures of affection...

Scene V
(Their friends in a relationship)
Think JLo and Affleck. Maybe worse.

Scene VI
(Their "don't-give-a-shit" single friends)
Ahh, singletons love 'em on this day. There's something about giving couples who all of a sudden hold each other when someone passes by, THE look. A few fun options on this day are: speed-dating, spa, bungee-jumping off a plane, prank calls, action/thriller flicks and sceneted candles + italian food + a toast to their carefree status = makes the day priceless. A few bad baaaaaad options: romantic/comedy flicks, indulging in gifts for yourself, getting smashed, sipping coffee at Starbucks, listening to the i-pod the entire day, turning the radio on, reading this, etc.
Here's to all the singletons out there. On this grand day, blow a kiss to your gorgeous self in the mirror :P It's YOUR day people.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Harry Potter's "After the End"

You must be wondering what I'm talking about. I'm talking about... Harry Potter's... e-book called "After the End". Long story short...

After class, MA and I decided to grab lunch at MarketPointe and act cool by busting some big-time monies. As if we'd do that; MA's honor society had a free pizza lunch at their building. Plus a Harry Potter book series discussion. I was all, "HELL yeah! Let's go! (I don't give a shyt if I'm no Honors student)". So off we go, to the honorer la réunion de société.

So I'm here happily enjoying my pizza, right? Suddenly everyone around me starts talking about Celtic words. French, Russian, German words (which NO ONE uses these days) fly over my head, and I look at all the people around the conference table and wonder, "Who are these people??" I bet they must be thinking the same about me when I gave them a look to match my thoughts but *ahem* I enjoy a book... I don't deconstruct, analyze and again construct texts, unless its absolutely necessary for my final English portfolio paper or something. I mean seriously. I guess now I know which groups literary critics join at college lol. I was there to eat pizza, sip moi Coke and enjoy lazy banter over Harry Potter. For the first 10 minutes, I just gazed from one face to another, asking myself if the free food was worth it (YEAH! No one stands a chance of stoppin' me from eatin' free pizza. Not even a bunch of babiller critiques). But then... know what, it actually got interesting. They were talking of numerology and mythology, which I connect to to some level. Then came the talk of Harry Potter fanatics. My favorite. So there are these two girls, Arabella and Zsenya, who sat down to write in 2000 (and must have kept sitting 'til 2003) after the third book . People who want to read what would have happened if Sirius had lived (and someone else had died) and who have afternoons generally free, are welcome to read it. I should warn you... people have been reported of getting hooked - seriously hooked (and I really don't want hate mails saying, "ARGHH!!! Because of YOU and your BLOG I can't look away from my computer!!!!). It's apporximately 400 (?) pages long. I plan on reading it at night, when I get assignment-invoked panic attacks and feel like doing ANYTHING but that bloody assignment. I need to get over my photography mania and this will be a breather ehh... so now you know my night agenda for the next couple of weeks.

Here's a GOOD site for Harry Potter fans - Sugar Quill.
And here's a rather censored Harry Potter site - Naked Quidditch Match.
Annnnnnnnnnnd... your new addiction - After the End.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Maya Angelou @ Fifth-Third Arena

She was amazing. I could blog about EVERYTHING she said and how it was all so right, but you can find out more about her here (and help conserve blog space). I had a friend's camera phone, and got few really bad pics... so good luck in spotting her on stage :\ I'll post up a poem of hers soon. It really affected me and I'm tryin' to find a version of it online (which should be up on our uni website soon, 'cuz she wanted that particular poem to be posted on there).

As for my day, I caught up with my so-called social life (which seems to be disappearing gradually thanks to my coarses) with some pool, goofy camera moments, Wendy's (twice!... "bustin' yo monies" mode) and then Mrs. Angelou's enlightening presence. Now I iz back, in absolutely no mood to study... but a pile of lab reports and programming assignments (and most probably a quiz tomorrow, which I approach with my "Don't know. Don't care" attitude heh).

Links to poems I liked: (allll hail Google)

Phenomenal Woman

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

The Rock Cries Out to Us Today

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Be Without You - Mary J. Blinge

shyt. lol

...okay, I'm done whining. Peace.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

SuperBowl Commercials

Thats right. We all love the SuperBowl ads- especially the beer ones. Don't know why, but they're so freaking entertaining (last year's ads were somewhat 'tamer' and 'lamer'... but I can't wait to see this year's Pepsi and BudLight 30 sec ads. Yep, I'm psyched alright). I just wish I had stayed on since November 'til now in Detroit to watch the game.

The amount of $$$ that goes into those 30-second breaks is incredible. Makes us love 'em more.

We know we'll be cheering for the commercials in the club this Sunday. As well as for the Steelers and SeaHawks.

So lets kick-off this weekend ppl.

(Norman does us proud)

song of the nite: Shake That - Eminem feat. Nate Dogg