Wednesday, April 26, 2006


HAHA the funniest thing ever... so I'm taking English Research Composition classes right, and I submitted two papers in the last week with the professor's name as Katie Holmes-Timberlake. So my sister peers over another outline I was making for class tomorrow and laughs at the name. You know, Katie Holmes and all and I start laughing too... only to realize, "OH SHYT!!! I HOPE that's her name... lemme check..." I'm sure that was her name, I'd been writing that all along hadn't I? And how could I be so stupid and think up such a name. Sooo... I look it up and it's Kristen LOL and the Timberlake-Holmes switched. It was hilarious - my sister was laughing so hard and I was all "ughh... I'm doomed". Now I can only wait and see what remarks she has to put on those two papers...



Jas Bhambra said...

Maybe she will give you A+ if she sympathizes with Katie Holmes! :)

Good luck with the grades!

miles m00ner said...





Lonely Guitar said...

HAHA goody goody work madame am proud of ya :p ;)

3ngin33r said...

w00t Jas, I gotta B+ haha imagine that :P and a smiley face next to the mispelt name. Damn, I'm lucky eh.

Miles usthubecauseudontknow... thepressureallthesehotmexianguyhav
... onmymentalcapabilities :P iluvya

haha Dreamer I knew you would be ;) its hilarious, trust me. I might just take a snap of the comment and the smiley she put on the paper and put it up here.

Moi said...


Lonely Guitar said...

hotmexican madame, not hotmexian

3ngin33r said...

:) Moi, hehe

why thank ya Dreamer. Just thinking about them hotmexicans gives me the "kuchkuchhotahai" feeling and stumble over my alphabets... ;)