Friday, April 07, 2006

Tucking Fornados

Ever walked out to find the campus entirely deserted and the tornado siren going off? And when you try to open the door you just came through... locked? It wasn't locked and neither did I reach for the door. Test sirens go off every now and then at our university (somewhat reminds me of the fire drills we used to have every week in high school). So I wasn't pretty much concerned, assuming I'd missed the announcement that it was a test, as I was busy watching Glory Road a few minutes ago.

My sister calls me in a matter of a few seconds as I stepped out of TUC and the first thing she says is, "MOM! Mia picked up the phone! Talk to her!" haha I actually started laughing and when mom came over the line I acted all panicked, "OMG moooooom! We're being blown away!" It was hilarious then; but I soon realized it was actually a real tornado warning. We had had one last Friday too, so I hope this one isn't much of a big deal.

Cincinnati's never had tornados before, at least not two in one week. Hail storms? And today was predicted to be a 70 degree day, sunny and bright, with the unexpected sirens going off in a distance. We've had a freaky weather this year. It seems as though the spring quarter's started, but winter just doesn't seem to end. It IS a pretty big deal. And it's not just our city. It's all over the world - tiny weather changes, which we shrug off. Which we shouldn't. I guess I get all environmental-nazi on such issues.

Maybe I'll lecture you all about my concerns if I make it through the tornado while driving back home. 15 exits away. Being pelted with hail all along. Just kiddin'. Heh, but it kinda makes me wonder... would anyone care?


Moi said...

cud u make it, finally ?????? or did we lose u to the hailstorm ?????? :) :)

Anxiously awaiting :), tho' the smiley might say differently!!!!!

miles m00ner said...

lol @ would anyone care

Lonely Guitar said...

a lot many would care :@

devMAYERS said...

you doing well, you environmental-nazi? hit me up sometime when the tornado passes :P~

3ngin33r said...

w00t! I'm aliiiiiiive :P

RoCk*AnGeL said...

Ha ha! Tucking Fornadoes! Ha ha! ur gonna be the death of me!

Anonymous said...

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