Saturday, April 08, 2006

Me? Publicity Chair? Yeah right.

I won't lie to you, when I received an e-mail from Rachel telling me someone nominated me for the Publicity Chair for SWE, it felt good. Really really good. For about 5 minutes. Then all the assignments, my grades and general coursework stress dawned on me.

I couldn't take on such a big responsibility. No. Not in my sophomore year. Or can I? I mean, I would be co-oping 2 quarters anyway. My gpa isn't that bad as of now either... well, I need to boost it to keep a scholarship, but I can do it, right? How hard can it be?

Maybe I should just run for the position of a Historian (the person who is in charge of taking pictures of all the events and compiling them by the end of the year into a book and even work with the Web-designer to upload them on the SWE website). Photography is after all, something I like to do and my camera takes pretty decent pictures too.

I don't even know who nominated me haha. I'd made it a point to leave the meeting last week early to avoid being told by anyone to run for any position. I don't even know if I'll get the position. I definitely won't if I decline the offer. Which seems to be the most rational decision at the moment.


Moi said...

ah! u r here! i was beginning to get concerned!!!!! :)

rishabh_flop_ruler said...

no haloscan?

3ngin33r said...

aw Moi, of course :) the blogosphere needs me. Or I like to think it does :P

Haloscan Rishabh ??

Cross said...

You should run for Publicity Chair. It's your chance to prove you ain't anti-social after all :-P haha, you deserve it :-)

3ngin33r said...

but I am anti-social haha ;)