Monday, April 03, 2006

Tonight I...

I wish I could have him back.
I wish I could quit him.
I feel ashamed of feeling this way.
I hate feeling ashamed.
I know he would never come back to me.
I hate to think I'm right.
I am only human.


Cross said...

Aww, yes you're only human :-)

Lonely Guitar said...

whats this abt :S
*hugs* tc


miles m00ner said...

want me to do teh peanutbutterjellyjam dance? :P

your boyfriend said...


rhea said...

just felt like playing around, but who's the guy? he needs some bishslapping *flexes*

Nina said...

Is it that Canadian dude?? They're hot. Plus, they mess with yo head too hehe.

3ngin33r said...

haha awww... it was a fleeting moment and directed at no one in particular :)

lol Nina, no way. Depends which canadian guy you're talking about though :P jk

thank you for carin' though. And understanding I can be human too and not all strong-hearted and all. It just sucks I had to come and blog about it and watch Miles do the peanut jelly dance hehe.

miles m00ner said...

lol u luved it brat, shut up now :P