Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I got my first departmental warning tonight! And why it sucks and yet, kicks ass:
  • It was sent over the e-mail
  • I was the only freshman (I think) who received it, along with a lot of sophomores and juniors
  • Dad laughed and laughed when he heard what we all did
  • Mom - no reaction lol
  • I discovered that I get my own e-mail back when I send one through the undergrad listserv
  • Us engineers rock
  • I'll post up the details soon. Stay tuned.


Moi said...

The post shows :Wednesday, April 19th????????
its 11:05 PM EST, Tuesday Apr 18th right now!!! girl dont ya live in Ohio???????????? ;)

Lonely Guitar said...

lmao madame M 's been cheating on us?:P

I never imagined SURI would mean anythin offensive :S its a pretty common surname out here

And yes i HARDLY update. 2 reasons why
1)The only thing goin on in my life is admissions stuff and Ive bored y'all enuff abt that already
2)YOU, yes, YOU post enuff for both of us! I SELDOM post so as to keep the balance!


rishabh_flop_ruler said...

u sure bout the suri thingee?

RoCk*AnGeL said...

What the hell are u talkin' abt? How come I don't know anything abt this??? Hey, we do still live under the same roof right? Anyway, no sweat! I wants details honey... so start spillin'!

3ngin33r said...

shhhhh Moi! I was trying to make it look like I had a life and didn't post two posts in the same day ;) haha jk, my time zone on this thing is screwed. I ain't complaining though hehe.

I'm cheating on ya'll? Dude Dreamer... you have NO idea...

I just wrote a long-ass comment about the Suri fiasco UNDER THE CORRECT POST... so all you people wanting to know about it, LOOK UNDER THE CORRECT POST :P Thanks Rishabh lol

Rock*Angel. Sweet sis of mine. Take a chill pill. You were sleeping when it all happened. I'll tell ya alllll about it over our dinner date out tonight :)

miles m00ner said...

"I discovered that I get my own e-mail back when I send one through the undergrad listserv" d-uh! :P ur funn-eh.

Lonely Guitar said...

pfffffffffffft thats not very nice of u madame . U shouldnt cheat on sweet innocent lil frnds like us.