Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Breaking News!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, popularly known as TomKat (how cute), just had a baby girl (God bless the radio in cars) and named her Suri.


Imagine that. I wonder what it means. After my mom heard me telling it to my sister (who happened to go into the normal teen depression after hearing it haha), she commented it meant something rather offensive in Punjabi. Yeah, my mom knows a helluva lot of languages. She takes after me *grins*. So basically it means a pig. A female pig even. This has got to be the bitchiest post I've ever written. No purpose. No respect for other people. I frankly love the name. It's soft and pleasant to the ears (see the purple pink-ish colour I have going on here to celebrate?). We even call one my uncles Suri... but really. I would have lived without learning about the meaning, but in a way I guess I can't stop at such exotic names without finding out what they mean. Also, Moi, Dreamer (who hardly updates) and Nina (who never updates)missed me so much on here... I just had to blog something. I promise to come up with something better by tonight or by the end of the week. My life's been pretty uneventful; I had the time of my life all weekend and am currently suffering from a high known as narcissism, so I'm pampering meself at me home. The endless quizes today should have given me a knockout reality check, but instead put me back in slacker mode once again, so another post will be coming up soon. Don't get too excited *winks* Hasta.

A really good song to listen to: The Closest Thing by The Julianna Theory. I would have uploaded it on the right, but like I said... I'm in the mood for some serious slacking.


Moi said...

oh she "delivered", huh?
he must be jumping on and off the hospital bed right now!!!!!!

and i thought suri was a last name in north india! even i have an uncle we call by that name :) :)

RoCk*AnGeL said...

Ummmmm... Suri means "princess" in Hebrew and "Red rose" in some other freakin' language... this is the sister, in case u were wonderin'... and I did not go into depression... I just had the momentary urge 2 kill myself... or killing Katie Holmes would have been a better idea.

3ngin33r said...

Well, apparently my mom can get really crude at times. Suri means female pig in Punjabi, but only people living in the local areas of Punjab, India know of it.

Alsooo, the Cruise family must have most probably looked into the Persian roots, which say Suri means a red rose (thanks Rock*Angel :P). In Sanskrit it means the sun and is taken in reference to Lord Krishna. And that would be me showing off my knowledge lol.

Anyway. No offence to anyone. It's funny how a few words can get offensive at times in different languages. Like Moi, I have an uncle like I mentioned who is called Suri. Ha, unisex names are... nice.

On a side note, Rishabh and Dreamer need to learn to keep track of which comments to put under which post :P

miles m00ner said...

wow, u bishslap them Mia. u bishlap them alright ;) j/k where have u been?? no calls, u dont answer, u dont email, u just blog :(

Lonely Guitar said...

and Suri means sun in sanskrit? isnt it surya :S
i took sanskrit for like 6 yrs! I suk :(