Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My ol' ol' Blog... FOUND!

But not by me.

It was SO weird... I had an hour's break after Chem yesterday and decided to go check my Yahoo! mail, which I seldom opened. And there was this e-mail from Blogger, telling me to follow a particular link and change my password to a blog I supposedly had.

And I was like, "What the..." O_o

I didn't have a Blogger account with THIS e-mail address. So I follow the link, change the password and stumble upon one of my earliest blogs. How's THAT for the biggest surprise ever! haha It must mean nothing to a few ppl, but this blog was sooo old that I had to get a template for it because the template it was on was outdated or something. You know, those earlier blogger templates with a huge BLOGGER banner on top. It sucks I won't be able to show it to you guys how it originally looked 'cuz I changed it. Its called
A Dark Coffee Brew (with a REALLY weird description and a weirder entry that made me wonder wtf I had in mind).

Its hilarious. I don't even remember having one back in 2002! I actually sat back to think of those days, what I had planned to blog, but never gotten past ONE post. Heh. That makes that blog my first blog. Wow... it seems like only yesterday... I must have been 13 or 14 then. Damn, that was young.

Looks like I haven't changed one bit over the past 6 years. Still the blogger at heart, eh?

Anyway, heh. Tiny things delight me and this post was quite unnecessary, but hell! I just dug up my oldest blog! Now I should get back to programming oreven better... HEAD HOME! Heh.

quick update - i've come to realize that me shareth a love-hate relationship w/ c++ programming. i just got offered my first on-campus job! haha i would have been last quarter too if i'd tried half as much as i did this time round... hm, and parties are a waste of time. AND stoopid. i've learnt that working 24/7 keeps my mind off you know... shtuff. like dope. booze. moms. co[k]e. 20-yr-old professors.
O_O Have a good week y'all.

song to ease my bubble sorted brain: Fields of Gold - Sting


miles m00ner said...

people most often are too busy wit themselves or others n miss those tiny things. u see them. that makes u special M :)

love ya lots, tc.

3ngin33r said...

aw shucks :P love ya too!

Lonely Guitar said...

20 yr old profs? hmmm i think i shld try for that....will gimme a headstart.


3ngin33r said...

haha Dreamer... :P I'm sure you'll make one helluva english prof fo sho.

Anonymous said...

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