Sunday, January 15, 2006

Slacker lacker acker ...

Yep, thats me. (I know)The last two entries were pointless and were just posted to take up space heh. Make that the last 3 entries. I've haven't been all that busy like I'd WANT myself to be... but there's really nothing to blog about.

O wait! There IS something blog about. I got tagged by Miles earlier to regularly (and I mean every-single-day-type regular) post an entry on my MSN space for a week. That was sorta fun, though I lost yesterday when I didn't get the time (FINALLY I WAS BUSY ONE SATURDAY! YAY!). Maybe I'll just summarize on the week's events then. Summarize. Did I just type that? Yeah right... lol anyway here goes.

Monday and Tuesday were boring. I got a few quiz grades back (and this was only the second week, eeesh) and they all sucked so they're not even worth mentioning. Did I ever tell you I LOVE Eminem? For really vague reasons I s'pose. He's funneh... speaking of funny, my new name's Sleezy Wafflebutt. Don't even ask... Sharan sent a f'ing cute forward and it generated that name for me :) Pretty neat huh? People think its very fitting heh. Thursday was three words - lazy, lazy, lazy. I tried to take an anfternoon nap (as if that eva works out) but gave up and ended up shooting random comments in the mom-sister serious talk about Jolie and Pitt. I personally adore... no, am obsessed about Jolie. She deserves better than that .... that guy, ugh. My sis thinks otherwise, but of course she's a huge fan of those all-American male celebs (brownie points if he's blonde) who are just pitiful *makes a face* aka Pitt. He and Aniston looked perfect in their bubble. No one else looks good with them. But thats just me. (Jolie rulez!) I was dead beat on Friday and was looking forward to the three-day weekend, but had to go for a party at Gizzardbutt's place. Fun times. Saturday and today was the return to books. Not course books... anything but those. I finally got some chem and programming done today. Gave up on chem like always heh. Did a tiny pretest for physics. Completed that just because it was frigging easy and is not graded, so you can just choose any option out of the 5.

This was another waste of space on the blogosphere... damn. I'll come up with something good I promise. Soon.

*hums Hello procastination my old friend, I've come to talk with you again...*


Lonely Guitar said...

I see ur into Simon and Garfunkel too...gdgd..
and Yes Jolie roxxxxxxx


3ngin33r said...

aww i LOVE Eminem! if he wasn't getting bck with Kim... :P