Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Top 10 Reasons why 4-hour labs suck...

1. Because they're 4 frigging hours.
2. They're a waste of time (pretty obvious because I'm blogging right now instead of programming)
3. You're supposed to do the programs AT HOME and then show them to your TA here.
4. The new TA's slow... 15 minutes for one guy. I mean c'mon... check the COMPLETED programs and then get down to the ppl who're stuck.
5. 4 hours...
6. I can just go home and do other important stuff...
7. UGH!
8. I wanna go hoooooooome!! And study physics (just because I have a quiz coming up...heh)
9. 4 HOURS... I was done in 15 minutes (like most ppl already have here - and I could just shoot the guy who just walked out the door aftr showing his work - sucks when you come late and have to sit at the back... somehow all the ones who're done are sitting with me lol)
10. I'm blogging... and waiting... for my f'ing turn... how does that sound for a wonderful, cool rainy day outside?

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