Sunday, January 15, 2006

Doing My Good Deed

Not really... I got turned down :(

The Hoxworth Blood Drive campaign was at our university and for the second time this time round, I decided to volunteer (at the snack counter or the check-in desk) and meet people. And get my community hours for a scholarship.

I've seen others donating blood earlier but always left the room feeling quesy, with big dots flashing before my eyes. The worst time was this one time when I accompanied my dad to donate blood a few years back. I tried standing next to him and watch the entire thing being done... but lost nerve and had to be literally escorted to sit outside in the sun.

Ugh, I hate the weakness, whatever it is.

So to get over it, I decided to donate blood. I was psyched. I had goosebumps the night before and broke into a cold sweat a lecture class before I had the appointment. By the time I stepped into the Great Hall, I was surprisingly cool and composed. I guess I was up for it! I couldn't believe I was actually doing it!

Question17: Did you make any travels outside the US within the last three years? If yes, please specify where and when.

Yeah, that question blew it. I'd been to India and was told I couldn't donate blood for 3 years. Its been a year and a half since, so I'll have to wait for another year. It was frustrating. Very VERY frustrating. I couldn't f'ing believe it. 1 more year! I bet I'll lose my nerve by the end of it. And who knows what happens next year...

But anyway, it was the thought that counts I guess. The results may not be that obvious when you donate blood, but it is to someone who's in dire need of it. And it could be anyone.

Its a noble cause and I encourage everyone to do their part. One way or the other, it effects the lives of millions.

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