Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Volvo and Me

Thats right. You're about to know more about my baby. My Volvo. My car. My ol', used Volvo. With weathered out brakes. Only the speakers on my side function properly (and I like it thata way). But I still love it. With its smell. With the way it doesn't accelerate suddenly, which always gives me a start. It has a sweet seat warming thing. Its spacious and being my first car, I couldn't love it more than I already do. The best part was that we didn't really buy buy it. Back in October, a friend told us about giving his car back to the company. For NOTHING! I'd just turned 18 and dad was wary about me driving his car around. I think that's pretty common with most men. Their car is theirs and NO ONE but them can drive it. If you do, be prepared to watch 'em grumble and tell you to do something THIS way not THAT way. So I jumped at the opportunity and wondered if I could borrow (OWN! mwuaha!) his car.

"Hey, sure! I never thought if that. It'll save me all the paperwork too."


And thereon, started my romance with my baby :) Sorta. You see, I have a temporary license. That means I can sure as hell drive around, but with someone who has a permanent license next to me. No big deal. Dad got busy with his work and I latched onto mom to sit next to me while I drive around.

I love it. The drive gives me a break from everything - college, coarsework, household chores. It helps me unwind and relax for a bit. It IS very important to me 'cuz it makes me feel responsible (not like the older sibling 'responsible') and well, feel like its a stepping stone to the life I want. Weird huh. Today I gave my car (ah, that sounds so good hehe) a wash and then mom and me headed out to drive around the city. Now the funny part is, my dad doesn't know we drive out of our local community. He doesn't want me to go out there without him taking me there first. Yeah... but as if I could wait! I took my mom "out into da world" a couple of months back and revelled in our tiny secret. It isn't tiny, because one screw-up can get my temp license cancelled AND the possibility of getting a permanent one, real bleak.

It had been quite a while since I'd driven . Maybe a month or so because over the winter break we had road-tripped to Florida (and there were enough permanent licensed-drivers *sigh* to take us there) and the day after we came back, I was running between classes.

My mom was doubtful about taking me out but somehow I convinced her that I was confident. Truthfully... I wasn't. And my mom's continuous, "There's a STOP sign coming up", "You're going too fast! The speed limit's only 35 here", "STICK to YOUR side", "Turn left.... TURN TURN, hurry!" weren't helping haha. And it bugged her when I laughed whenever she said something like that. I knew a STOP sign was coming up. I knew I was over the speed limit by a couple of mph. I knew how to make the turn, 'cuz I was the one in the driver's seat, right? In the end she realized I wasn't breaking any rules and driving quite carefully. I like it that way. When my mom relaxes next to me and in a way trusts me with the driving. Its a completely different case with my dad. He doesn't stop telling me what to do, and if I smile at it (and God help me if I laugh), he thinks I've probably lost it and tells me to CONCENTRATE ON THE FUCKING ROAD lol. No music. Nothing. Now... if there's no music playing, I start getting jittery. Anxious. And start losing focus. Instead of relaxing, its the opposite. Funny how that works. It is pretty sad that unlike my mom, he doesn't compliment me, even if I drive well (and don't crash into a fire hydrant). I like sincere compliments. Who doesn't? He doesn't take me to drive in the first place (its the "we'll go tomorrow" or "next weekend" scenario) and when he DOES, not a word. No, "That was a good turn", "Good driving today" or even a, "You're getting better". Men of a few words...

Oh well.

He might take me tomorrow onto the road for the first time *grins* and I'm hoping he realizes I'm good enough to give the driving test. High time I did!

Song of the night: I Can't Tell You Why - Eagles


miles m00ner said...


i know ur tiny secret too now :P lol u should try n come online more often, brat. or bust monies on ur cell n call :P

Moi said...

ha ha, i'm becoming a regular here!
let's say i'm hooked!:)

and u r so right abt men and their possessiveness with their cars: my BF wud trust me with his life but not his car :) ! crazy they r! and moms : u'll be the best if u r their brood irrespective of anything else in the world while with dads u gotta eran their respect! thats how i ve seen it with my parents atleast!

hey, keep up the good work!

rishabh_flop_ruler said...

good for u

3ngin33r said...

i wish, Miles :( i guess i'm just gonna bust some monies for ya lol i just found out i was being f'ing charged for my SMS's grRr
we'll catch up soon :) *big hug*

totally Moi, i agree on the car thing. as for gaining respect from parents, i have 'em in my pocket ;) haha not really, but its a different case with 'em. i guess parents will always be parents. and speaking of regular, i've been blogging almost everyday now! thats worse than commenting regularly on someone's blog hehe.

thanks Rishabh. yer so kind.

Lonely Guitar said...

temp license here too..but I usually have our driver with me, else my elder sis also has a permanent license, and of course my basically its an understood thing, if I AM in the car, then I AM in the driving seat.

And as for the possesiveness regarding their cars in men, well, its actually only where females are concerned. Kinnda like how i WOULDNT have a female hold my guitar for even 5 seconds.

Once again, TYPOS!

3ngin33r said...

argh Dreamer lol and here I thought you were accustomed to my typos.

would you let elton john drive your car?

Lonely Guitar said...

YES i would, if n only if he has a license.

And YES I'm accustomed to your typos, but I'll still point em out, hoping that sumday U'll b bugged enuff to start payin' more attention.


cross said...

Get that liscense and then we can haunt the Downtown streets.


ps. it was nice to see you for a few mins today :)

3ngin33r said...




you'll* (but "you will" is preferred)



generally when I write these posts... I'm either too tired to bother or just to lazy to properly convey w/e I wanna say. good ta see you getting accustomed though :)

@Cross - me likes how you sit right across my computer and comment, haha. and its been definitely more than half an hr since we entered the lab :P you're a bloody bad influence! i should be preparing for my physics quiz...