Sunday, February 26, 2006


I can't seem to get enough of... things. Life in general. I wanna do everything with the snap of my fingers. I wanna do that and say, "Been there, done that. It was awesome." I wanna see every stand-up comedy, every art gallery, every music club, every concert, every breath-taking park, every city, every country. Everything. This year.

Then the thought crosses my mind: "Is it possible?" And people tell me: "There's an age for everything" or "You've got your entire life for it." And I feel like telling them that I want to do it NOW and keep doing it THEN. The reason's simple. It slows down time for me, helps me forget who I am for a while, who you are. Forget the world. Sigh in content and revel in that moment.

*gets out of her reverie*

Uhm. Anyway, back to daily mundane blogging. I did something really stupid this morn. No, I didn't run on the highway after a heavy night of drinking. But hey, that isn't a bad idea... the fastest ticket to getting the comfy bed behind the bars. So I drove without my driver's liscence, insurance and glasses. After like ages. Just to get some *scenic* pictures outside my neighborhood. T'was fun.

I don't even know why I just said that. But there's my second (?) post for this week. The next one would probably be on my exciting spring break. I know, you can hardly wait, can you? I got into EA for all those who care and am FINALLY self-learning Italian. Its not as much fun as Spanish was... but it sounds a helluva lot sweeter to the ear. Especially teh 'I love you' part haha. Got this book called This Book Will Change Your Life Again (365 More Daily Instructions for Hysterical Living) and I know my life will never be the same. What else... I've got exams coming up soon and a messy business needs cleaning up ASAP. Once that's done, peace shall prevail once again.

Aah, I can imagine it now. Aloha March~


g.knotee said...

hey there. thanks for dropping a line in my blog. yup, got moments too when i try to figure out what i should be doing with my life. the books seems interesting, will check the local bookstore. goodluck and remember, in life's rollercoaster ride, just enjoy the ride, coz eventually it'll end. smile! ohana!

Lonely Guitar said...

next u'll b singing neil young's "keep on rockin in the free world".

Not bad though..i sing that song everyday in shower, and i cant start my guitar practice without first playin that song.


miles m00ner said...

u ought to stop listening to Simple Man. its getting into ur head :P live life king size M. and i know u will cuz u sure as hell know how to

ps - that book's hilarious lol didnt know u would like it

devMAYERS said...

You'll do anything to break out of the regular huh? I've DUI twice but NEVER without my papers... I'm sure you have a reason behind all of it (and I can't wait to hear it).

did I hear you are addicted to Simple Man?????? Good Lord! I LOVE YOU! :PP

Anonymous said...


miles m00ner said...

I LOVE U :P lmfao u've started getting those fucking Anonymous retards on here now

NΦna said...

I LOVE YOOOOOOOU! hehe for wanting to learn italian muah!


i said...

hey, how do u crack down people's IP addresses through blogger? **grins


Moi said...

:) kinda strange: but u talk abt finding peace on ur blog and i realize i have found mine, well for now atleast! :)

have fun with exams! tata!

Lonely Guitar said...

lol srry i forgot to sign in that anon retard was me hehe *blushing*


Cross said...

hahaha you're purely spoilt, look at all these people showing you their lurve. I'll admit I'm a tad jealous :P ILOVEYOU! congrats on getting through EA, does this mean I..... alsoooo (isn't it obvious I love commenting?) good luck in N.O incase you never post that "next" blogpost (which I know you WOn'T, you slacker) and don't party too hard for Mardi Gras without me ("shlut") I'll be flying home Tues after my last exam, so miss me too ("bish").

miles m00ner said...

ur trying to find peace on ur blog? uhhhmm ....

<3 M

3ngin33r said...

thanks gorgeousbiatch, and DO check out the book, its stupidly hilarious (aka my type). And yes, so ppl say I put them on a rollercoaster ride... but I don't think thats what you meant ;)

neil young's cool Dreamer, I haven't heard a lot of his music but if its guitar, its Young alright.

Dear Miles. *sigh* always looking out for me haha I don't think I said I'm trying to find peace on my blog... (would be sorta sad don't ya think?) AND be NICE to Anonymous people! :P love ya and Nina too :)

I SO DID JZ! I was on the verge of spamming the Anonymous's IP address here :P But isn't Dreamer lucky lol to fess up before I did.

luv ya too dev and you wouldn't believe it... I've been listening to that song every morn before college, every evening aftr college and every night before sleeping. talk abt addiction huh :P

good to see you say that moi :) though I'm not sure I'm looking for peace on here... by the 'peace shall prevail again' I meant something like 'life will be goooooooooood' 'cuz then I can kick back and relax all day instead of running around all day, ya know. good luck to you on the exams too! (if you're still having them) this was THE most random post btw. You wanted me ta post up and thats what I did :P so bear it hehe

suuuure it means the "..." Cross :P you're right... I don't intend on blogging anytime soon. I must be low on ideas or its just the end of the quarter days. good luck on your exam and OI! You're not leaving just yet (you bish). You owe me a lunch out! ... I'll even treat ya. Just don't go all "good luck in N.O" and "miss me" so soon :P

and thanks for stopping by y'all! have a greeeat weekend and an even better spring break~

Cross said...

Deal. Your treat. Tuesday ;-)

Lonely Guitar said...

exactly why I hate havin an IP *sigh*


3ngin33r said...

I'll hold ya to it Cross. So wait... "your treat" as in you treat me? :P

aw Dreamer, thank god it was you then :) well more like thank god I got to know. I don't deal too well with anonymous ppl (except AnonymouslyUrs... long story). Just kidding. Hows your great migration to the US coming along? And do ya really really hate poor ol' me? :P

Lonely Guitar said...

hmmmm not too sure yet abt US...i mean CALTECH, JHU, UMICH, USC, RPI, Miami, NORTHWESTERN, LEHIGH, MSU, STEVENS IT havent even replied yet. But ya ill give one thing tya..uptil now OH state seems to b the best bet. :P

and well i'll let ya off this time cuz u like my essay ;)


AnonymouslyUrs said...

"I don't deal too well with anonymous ppl (except AnonymouslyUrs... long story)."


Slooow down time wiiiiith meee
Forgeeeeeet the wooorld wiiith meee
Siiigggggggh wiiiiiiith meeeee
Reveeeeeelll in meeeeee

Lonely Guitar said...