Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shut Up and Give the Interview

Do you suffer from heterophobia? O wait... I meant interviewphobia. So do you suffer from interviewphobia? Never heard of it? C'mon it isn't THAT uncommon :P

I just had the third interview in moi life; and sadly it was embarassing like the last two. The first was in October when GM came over looking for possible sophomore and junior interns from our college. Pay attention - SOPHOmore and JUNior. At first I had thought the e-mail listserv had screwed up and I'd received teh interview request by accident. So I politely e-mailed the person back and reminded them that I was a freshman.

Bullshyt... GM WANTED TO INTERVIEW ME! As IF I'd do anything that stupid. Heh. Turned out I had two quizes the very same day and a lab right before the interview. By the time I reached there, I realized I was dressed in jeans *ahem* , a semi-formal jacket and wrinkles on my forehead I could feel. That helped. The guy was really nice in reminding me I was the first freshman he was interviewing a.ka. you SHOULD be good otherwise why would anyone recommend youz?


Hell I was good, my arse. It felt like I was interviewing the guy. "What more do you want to know about our company?" "Do you have any other questions?" Of course, I'm a pro at asking the questions and he probably got tired of me in the next 20 minutes. He encouraged me to think about it (you bet I will) as the interview ended and told me I didn't do so bad on my first interview. I was beaming! Literally. It just broke my heart to tell him a few days later that I wouldn't be able to take it up over the summer because of the circumstances that cropped up from nowhere.

I cursed all night, but it still felt good.

The second was for an on-campus job, which I turned down because the building I was s'posed to work in stinked real bad (I never liked medical buildings). Naaa, I told the guy he would need someone with more technical expertise. A junior maybe. Again, I ended up advising the person interviewing me.

The third one was this evening and BOY did I mess it up. It was for an organization called Engineering Ambassadors, who promote Engineering amongst ppl, build bonds with the faculty, students, alumni etc. I'd filled out their application in September when I was all psyched about joining ALL the student groups I could find. Freshman fever, you know. Almost two quarters a later, I'm called for an interview. Now I was looking forward to it... until I found out that sophomores/juniors would me interviewing me. Trust me, THIS was worse. You can act all nice and outworldly when an older person interviews you - like there's NO one better for that position other than you. But when its your peers... eh.

Anyway, the interview began nicely. I started to think it wasn't so bad. I was even reciting words like, "Overall personality development", "Harmony", "Mutual interaction", "Diversity", which I know sounded sooo fake, but hell... I was flushed up so bad and all of a sudden I was feeling claustrophobic (I'm not calustrophobic). I dunno why but I was having these flashes... it had NEVER happened to me. Not even when I was on stage a couple of times. I think it was my empty stomach since morn and the fluorescent lights. Wait, there were no fluorescent lights.

Just kiddin', I wasn't having any flashes. But yes, I do remember fluorescent lights but never seeing them. *blinks*

"They'd said two ppl would interview me... there are FOUR in here! ... damn, this room HAD to be THIS frigging small!? ... where's a clock? I need a clock! I need to see the time! ... Stop smiling so much, STOP nodding idiot - THEY'RE supposed to agree and nod, not YOU!" blah blah

You get the picture. The funniest (I thought it was funny as I walked out) was when one of two girls asked me, "Are you comfortable in giving presentations in front of a large group?" To which I reply, "Um... not really..." FOOL! "... but sure I'd be comfortable if I know what I'm talking about and well prepared." Weak; but what a SAVE!

Overall, it was alright. The thought of becoming an EA is enticing. I'll admit it - I wanna be one. But it doesn't matter if I don't get the position. I'm pretty well-grounded in what I am in and ... its okay.

I think.

Okay, so much for going off on a rant as usual. I've becoming an avid (?) blogger. Sad, but true. I've turned by personal journal online, like a lot of other things.

Song of the week: Ordinary People - John Legend


Lonely Guitar said...

already givin me scares....


3ngin33r said...

i exaggerate a whole lot, it isn't so bad :) atleast you can laugh abt it once its done and dealt with.

Lonely Guitar said...

ye nm to laugh abt if u dont get it though!


wtf am i talkin not even 100% sure if im comin to the US yet. FOOK interviews.

3ngin33r said...

true that Dreamer :\

and abt you coming here, you will. just keep it going strong and something will shine through. its one step at a time and this period of 'nothing-seems-to-be-HAPPENING' will pass. be positive dude :)

miles m00ner said...

results?>?>? did ya get in?

good song brat. ur tastes are gettin better day by day ;-)

Dolceeeeeeee said...

Like omg this site FINALLY works for me...

Jolieeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *takes a breath* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lonely Guitar said...

hmmm SUM gd news finally..

Ohio state-columbus....$6600 scholarship + honors program. total cost is abt 35 grand.

I think its gonna turn into the classic OH Vs MI battle now....wait n watch.


Lonely Guitar said...

btw, anyone heard of Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ in FL? Is it good...better than Colorado state, mich state AND OH state?


Lonely Guitar said...

for engineering...Electrical n electronics.

3ngin33r said...

Miiiiiiiiiles I got through :D and thank you for the video clip haha you guys rock!

joliezzzzzzzz Dolchay thnks for stopping by you hawt kiwi :)

thats GREAT news Dreamer. I knew you'd be cheering for OH someday ;) I'd like ta offer a suggestion... if you're not done with all your applications etc try looking into Eastern Michigan Uni. It offered me a helluva a lot plus their honors program. I can't say I've heard of those universities. Oh, and you could try to get into ANY engineering field, get monies and then switch to electrical engineering. My uni offers this amazing program called the ACCEND. If ya need more information on it, shoot me a comment and I'll email you more abt it.

Lonely Guitar said...


i DO NOT wanna be an engineer!!! I'm only takin up electrical n electronics cuz i can shift to any other field later on. i WANNA BE A PHYSICIST!!!!! LIKE EINSTEIN AND HAWKING!

and oh yea mail me info on that program.

Eastern Mich is not ranked too good by USnews, so even if i got a full scholarship i doubt I'll be allowed to go there. bleh. sum1 tell em that rankings should only be a consideration NOT a criterion!

and NO, im NOT cheering for Ohio YET. :P


3ngin33r said...


then its best if you chose a field that offers a lot of scholarships. engineering hardly offers a good sum to incoming freshmen, especially international students.

you have a hotmail account? i think i'm gonna add youz lol and try not to go by the ranking... the higher it is ranked, the HIGHER is their tuition and LOWER are the scholarship rates. princeton is amazing though, very student-friendly. they provide every cent if you GET in and can pay only $4.00. but getting in is an issue.

Lonely Guitar said...

i wish i cld NOT go by rankings...but ah well...parents will b parents.


Moi said...

where art thou? i'm beginning to miss u here! :) :)

miles m00ner said...

w00t! i knew ur charm is hard to resist lol i'l send over the next video as soon as nina tones it down a bit ;-) post up brat!i need to know more abt ur life now tht we hardly tlk thanks to my *issues* lol

3ngin33r said...

aw jeez, I FEEL the blogger peer pressure already haha j/k (but I just blogged 3 days back!)

I DO wanna blog... but I dunno what. Lets see. Oh, I got one. don't blame me for running outta ideas. you asked fer it :P