Monday, March 06, 2006

Updating all of youz

Iknow it hasn't been that long since I've posted, but hey, an update is always welcome eh. Plus, I have absolutely nothing to do for the next 15 mins.

The past few days have been... good. More than good actually. I've been getting my 6 whole hours of sleep, a good breakfast (sitting at a table, compared to the running in the hallways earlier) and most importantly, a whole lot of something *cough* that is mmmm. And no, its not "it", jeez. Life would be perfect then though. And I would be TYPING LIKE THIIIIIS TO TELL YOU ALL HOW SEXCELLENT LIFE WAS.Talking of getting "it", did I tell you abt my one-night stand which started as a "sweet dinner at a crappy burger joint" and ended with "a breakfast in bed"? I thought not; maybe I'll save it for a sunny day (or be really nice and leave a comment and I'll tell you asap). Hmm. What else. I absolutely REFUSE to whine about my assignments and recommed you to watch THIS if you feel like doing it. Besides, it will be sorta weird because I haven't whined in such a long time... kudos to the major perspective change back in October.

My Computer Science professor just told us there would be an oral quiz in his office this week, and no exam. Wooohooo! I just took it today and it was great! Why wouldn't it be... all he asked me how I was doing in my assignments and some feedback on the class. I have a few assignments (like 6?) due this week for his class, but DAMN no exam! I rested up waaaay too much over the weekend and it did my eyes some good. I'd been spending practically 5-6 hours a day infront of the computer every day of last week... and when my sis told me she saw a slight squint in my eye (aaack!) I freaked out. Literally. I had to call off my crazy schedule for a bit. Later on I found out my sis was "only kidding around" and while I could have smacked her for it, I felt good for laying off the goddamn computer for a bit. All the programming was giving me horrible numeric dreams anyway.

And then there's the New Orleans trip coming up after exams. I can hardly wait to get my hands dirty! We'll be gone for a week or so and clearing up the debris etc with this big international company who's name I can't remember... but I'm all geared up for all it has to offer. You could probably check out pics on my photoblog by the end of this month for proof's sake. You might also wanna look at this group down there, doing exactly what we will be a week after they conclude their work. On the downside, I have a LOT of exams to give to get college credit. Its the particular program I am in that requires it. That way, I can clear up my summer and go visit Europe (allll alone if I get lucky), or even better, head to the east coast OR Cali and sunbathe with my boyfriend.

Now, that would be an issue. First, I would need a boyfriend. Second, I need some monies to buy suntan lotion. Third, I wanted to go to Brazil and Singapore too. Fourth, I NEED TO GET BACK ON EARTH AND SMELL THE FRESH GRASS. What a life it would be to be the wife of a billonaire... haha or BE the billionaire. Anyway, now that I've bs'ed most of my plans around and day-dreamed high, its time to get a reality check and scoot for Physics lecture.

Did I ever tell you I should get a Physics or a Computer Science guy? You know, just to pass the class. A Computer Science boyfriend is more like it... atleast he would understand that 20 hours/day on the computer is normal *winks* Hasta people and enjoy spring! Even though it'll be rainy and snowy here... freaky weather we've got this time 'round.

A good new band to listen to : Arctic Monkeys


miles m00ner said...

u updated all of ouz fo sho (love ur photoblog). u know what, i like teh new u even if it means being claimed as ur bish. love ya brat and be good in orleans. go live some n travel all u want :) its more than amazing and ur hearing that from a guy who's globe trotted all over. my spring break's being spent in malaaaysiiia baby w00t which u already know but for this place's sake :P and i promise to be there by ur side as u cram for ur exams

ps. there is something abt u and science dudes eh?? must be just the way its wit me and law girls. nina so didnt just read this .... lmao *HuGz*

Cross said...

You can say that again about the weather. Isn't it obvious why I prefer the Texan air? And hey, good luck at NO. It is an experience of a lifetime and don't stop just there :D

cross said...

Isn't it a shame that I'm not a Comp Sc major??

Lonely Guitar said...

*blushes* im plannin to be a physicist ;)

*keeps blushing*


Lonely Guitar said...

ok i just noticed sumthin...


rhea said...

tsk tsk. all these guyz blushing n wishing is gonna make me wanna cry

_^.^_ hope you like the piccie babe... have a great time in new orleans n get me back some beads woman j/k work hard :))

Moi said...

have fun!!!!!
and does that mean we wudnt be seeing u here for sometime now?????
now, that wud be a shame!!! :(

3ngin33r said...

thanks you guys :) this break means a lot to me, in terms of the experience and even doing what I love the most.

and for all of you who are curious as to my fondness for science guys... what can I say. Really, WHAT can I say. Your very thought leaves me dumbfounded. In a good way :P kidding

*pokes rhea* bish, you're hilarious, absolutellly hilarious haha

can I keep myself away frm blogger moi ?? :P

yes Dreamer. One-night stand. Simple, clean and... jobless.

:P Cross me thinks me likes Texan guys now

oh yeah, you've gotta prove your worth by standing by moi side through the exams Miles haha

Lonely Guitar said...

ONE NIGHT STAND!?!?!?!?!?!?!


AnonymouslyUrs said...

Oh yeaaaaahhhh that one-night stand rocked :P~~~

I wish I knew how to quit you. The problem is, I don't want to so it is pretty pointless in asking, but anyway I just wanted to let you know how much you remind me of (you know). Like 24/7. Even when you will be in New Orleans. Good luck there :-)

Lonely Guitar said...

me shall refrain from askin abt the one night stand again since the hope for a concrete answer is nil :|

OI is it kinda easy to get campus job up there?


3ngin33r said...

haha AnonymouslyUrs yer so sweet :) thanks for everything and on that note, I promise my next (youknowwhat) with you.

maybe I will Dreamer and most probably shock your socks off. It is kinda easy to get a job on-campus, as long as you apply early and have a schedule to give you ample amount of time to balance work w/ coursework. Most of them don't require a lot of skills either, so interviews are simple. Are you looking for any job in particular? If you are, then I guess you could just log onto your uni's site and look up student jobs under different categories. Atleast thats how it works at my college.