Saturday, February 18, 2006

per·cep·tion (pər-sĕp'shən)

1. The process, act, or faculty of perceiving.
2. The effect or product of perceiving.
3. Psychology.
a. Recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory.
b. The neurological processes by which such recognition and interpretation are effected.
c. Insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving.
d. The capacity for such insight.

It is how different people look at things differently. Sadly, I read a "friend's" blog entry today and it dawned on me how people perceive things just to ridicule people. This person was specifically talking about a person at their workplace, who they thought was gay; because he looked like one and behaved like one (oh yeah, behaved... we're the next generation, out to create a world devoid of stereotypes). So one day they find out that he in fact, had a rather young girlfriend, who was pregnant with his kid.

Apologetic realization? Quit laughing behind his back? Yeah right.

They laugh some more over a couple of beers. Mock more the next day. Sneer whenever they pass him by etc etc. We've all met such people. Who, I have no idea what, get whatever trivial pleasure out of all this. I'd go as far calling it almost... racist. No offense, but thats just me.

I don't get why people hide behind f'ing lame excuses like "Oh, its just how I perceive things", "Get off my back, wtf is your problem?", "We just think differently". And you blog about it and show what sort of an ignorant fool you are. If that person's reading this - f u dude! I DON'T get people like you - you go to lengths in drawing conclusions based on someone's appearance, the way someone talks and just the way someone is. And you say, "Everyone's different". This is how you accept them, huh. What happens when the world turns the tables on you and makes equally outrageous statements? Then you just get depressed some more and blog why ohh whyyyy aren't people more understanding and why the world thinks you're an arse. Well, I'm not going to lie to you... they ain't wrong. Such people must be lacking ANY dignity if they come looking for sympathy from others. And God help the people who set up to help them. I know it is just plain rude to say that, but I'm sure the person is well-accustomed with this. Doesn't rudeness start with you and end in you? No? Alright then, call me rude. And now that I am, I just want to let them know how callous, heartless, pitiful and retarded their thinking is, and the key to creating a better world is WITH THEM! Stop "breeding" people like yourself! If I'm not mistaken, isn't that how you had reacted to the guy at your workplace having a kid?

I'm sure such people have their good qualities, but there's a bloody limit to everything. Maybe I'm over-reacting because when people turn so freaking blind towards a person who they think is gay, I just lose it. I've been brought up in a whole bunch of places and met people who are gay or bi. It was sort of uncomfortable when I was 9 years old. But now its almost normal to me and thats why I have pretty large group of friends who are the way they are. I love my friends and at times come out too strong when people like this person act their macho bullshit and snicker and talk rotten behind their backs. They don't have the guts to come right out and say it to the person (of course, unless the victim is all alone and "my boys are there to back me up"). Its truely pitiful.

I find it hilarious that I actually sympathized with this person when they were going through a rough time. Its just too bad you just proved a lot of people who you really are, eh?

Call me shallow and fickle for changing my mind so fast.

But its just the way how I perceive things.


Lonely Guitar said...

FOOK U whoever shes talkin abt, and unlike her, i meant ALL OFFENCE to U and UR KIND.

Such ppl are a class apart...n their vocab consists of words such as queer n nigg*/nigge*. 've seen plenty of em. Hypocrits. cant do anythin by themselves. chichens! good for nothin brats! BAH!

by far the best entry on this blog. keep it up madame.


miles m00ner said...

ooh bishslap him M! this reminds me of the time u socked that guy calling nina bi lmfaooo n i have to say u blog better when ur mad.

we had a similar case at one of my previous surfing booths right on the beach! but being cali u know, my friends n i whooped the guy out of his shorts. but it is not just becuz it was cali. it was becuz it was MY beach bitches! :P itis a shame we live in a country that boasts of equality n we have hypocritical morons opposing gays n lesbians. when ppl are not comfortable wit who they are that is when they go out n make fun of ppl who are a tad different. like u said, must be a perspective thingie.


miles m00ner said...

hey ... is ur photoblog? a few pics look really familiar.

if they r, WOW :P not too bad for an engineer lol

NΦna said...

Miles pmsl taht bi rumor was THE best and her reaction to it was PRICELESS :P

go girl! love the post!


3ngin33r said...

thanks for agreeing with me on this you guys :)

its a pretty sensitive issue and in the past i've tried NOT to blog about this, but when the moron actually blogged about it... how could i stop myself :P plus, high time ppl got some sense knocked into their heads or be told to sod off (even if its as pathetically on a blog).

i know Dreamer, they ARE a class apart. And you nailed the word i was looking for - hypocrites. we all know we can do without such words, even if they are meant 'jokingly', but hell... not at the expense of someone else's feelings :\

woot Miles! you found my photoblog :P you think the pics are nice? i try to do my best and try to take out time for it (well, i DO manage to take out time, as it helps me unwind and shyt lol). thnks for noticing :)

you know you would turn les for me Nina. ADMIT IT DAMMIT! :P

Lonely Guitar said...

*goes to the photoblog* :P


Moi said...

The world sure can do with lesser hypocrisy!!!! Reading ur blog
reminded me of Boo radley from "to kill a mockingbird"! donno if u ve read the book!

3ngin33r said...

havent' read it Moi, but i've heard its a really good one. my sis keeps raving abt it.

i might now :P