Friday, May 05, 2006

in a state of shock

I literally was in a state of shock, when I accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake as I was parking and ran over the crosswalk and into the bricks near my neighbor's house... trying to still my shaky self, I somehow gathered myself to get out of the car and see the damage to my car. Thankfully (!) there wasn't any damage except a few displaced bricks which I couldn't put back in place because they were heavy and my shaking hands didn't help either :-\ Thankfully (as my mom pointed out), this wasn't any traffic light and there was no car infront of me... shyt.

Having said that and revealing the consequences of my (sometimes) "wandering" mind, drive safe this weekend everyone. It definitely feels much better to turn off the ignition and smile in relief at the thought of being home - safe and sound.

A song to calm your nerves - Fast Car by Tracy Chapman and The One You Love by Rufus Wainwright (listen to the songs on the right)


miles m00ner said...

i say u need more practice .. but that was scary, u be careful babe. **bear hug to calm those nerves of urs ttys

Moi said...

hey, be careful! and let ur mind not "wander" ever so often! :)
take care!

rishabh_flop_ruler said...

dont drive when u r horny. that is all.

AnonymouslyUrs said...

we shouldn't have drunk as much as we did... sorry >>

Jas Bhambra said...

I banged my car into the sidewalk about 3 years ago when it slipped while I was making a left turn, on roads with 20 cm of wet slippery snow. The first thing that came to my mind was, "my insurance is going to skyrocket". I didn't even think that I also could get hurt. And thank heavens, the roads were all clear, no other traffic, otherwise it would have been a big mess. I did not drive on snowy roads for about 15 days, I was so scared! Then my brother talked sense into me and I started driving again.

Good to know that you are safe and no serious damages. Drive carefuly and be safe!

3ngin33r said...

aye I will :) thank ya. I'll try to keep my "horny" hormones and drinking tendencies in check form now on... damn, you guys figured eh.