Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another stonker by Nicholas Sparks

I seriously cannot stand overtly mushy, crappy novels. Unless of course the "Oh my love! Te emo!" sounds genuine... And it's written by Nicholas Sparks. After what seems like ages, I picked up a Sparks novel that my mom got from the public library and I have to admit, I was hooked. The new book's called Dear John and it's worth a read if you liked The Notebook (click to read here how much I obsessed over the movie version), Message in a Bottle (read it in 8th or 9th grade and it was the first official book that brought me to tears; The Phantom of Manhattan followed suit), A Walk to Remember, and even Love Story by Eric Segal. Although always and always, the endings are heart-wrenching and so... larger than life, I can't stop but wonder whether they are just stories or something even close to real. I like to think the latter, because on a number of occasions people I know personally (or not so personally) have proved it so. Sparks's writing is so simple and easy to relate to, one HAS to end up falling in love with the characters in the book, hold onto every single word they say and smile at the tiniest gestures of affection.


Moi said...

the romantic in me refuses to die no matter how old i grow....:)

3ng1n33r said...

haha, that's good :) I guess I go through these "phases" when such books appeal to me... but other times, I go, "ugh"!