Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Internet Part 1 : Without It

Over the last few days, i've come to realize how MUCH one's life changes withOUT a computer. Well, yeah... family shifting to a new place and blah blah... It pretty much grossed out that we had to leave our computer behind (Pentium4!!) and come here with nothing but the detatched headphones and some USB cable wires... Whenever i opened my cupboard, there it was... and i felt like pluggin' the electric wires in my ears... It's been nearly a month since i've SURVIVED without the internet...(God help me).
But finally! I've got my internet connection (cheers!) and no more long, dreary dayz when you think, "Now what do i do?" and NO MORE thinking of shoving the wires down my ears...


Anonymous said...

oh well , i can understand that buddy , how it feels without net. even my family shifted lately to a really really borrrring place. and with not really cool ppl around i was dying to talk to my friends i left behind .but without net connection i felt like plugging them in my bobo's(my little sweet dog) ears.poor dog!! he had been with me since i was 4 and ofcourse i would never like to hurt him.
i got my connection few days back and read ur blog. it's kind of interesting and i am reading eragon these days . it's really a nice one.
do read 'DA VINCI CODE' by 'DAN BROWN' . u'll love it .

3ngin33r said...

thanx for noticing my blog... i know itz not very interestin but its the thought that counts. glad you're reading eragon... i'll find da vinci someplace... i got my net now and am REALLY glad