Sunday, August 15, 2004

Eragon ~dps~

Read this book – ERAGON’ – by this guy Christopher Paolini (and he’s only 19!). Well, itz amazing… a real drag the first few chapters but you’ll be surprised that you can’t drag yourself away from the rest of the book.
It’s about this guy Eragon, who ‘accidentally’ finds a dragon egg (don’t ask me which date this book dates back to) and takes care of it. Since the dragon chose to hatch before Eragon, he becomes a Rider (as in riding the dragon). His uncle gets killed by bad people (similar to Voldemort’s men in Harry Potter… hmmm…) and it’s his quest to discover his goal and take revenge. Sounds boring? Well, it isn’t. Believe me.
Yeah, one piece of advice though – try to ‘borrow’ the book and ‘lend’ if you already have one… it's damn expensive. Can’t writers understand dat to make their books ‘bestsellers’, they’d better reduce their sky-touching prices. Christopher, are you listening ???

Mood : Light... I feel like having a boiled egg from the mess..

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