Friday, May 18, 2007

Update on Possible Threat?

I'm a part of the Racial Awareness group for this year, and as this was once in a lifetime opportunity, I think I made the most of it (I encourage UC students to apply, go for the interview and try to get in! They might change the name to something more appropriate as the group name is quite misleading and insufficient as racial awareness was only a tiny part of what we were exposed to). Anyway. It so happened that I found out during our retreat a couple of weeks ago that one of our fellow group members was the guy who had made the threat. As I hadn't bothered to look at his mugshots on TV or even payed attention to his name as much... it had slipped by me. Now we know this guy. It was amazing how suddenly I could totally see him making such a rash (ill-times though) comment. It's just him. There was nothing serious, I can bet you that. What was done to him, with all his personal records being sensationalized in our paper, court dealings, the ridiculous bail charge, etc. was unfair. Our university could have handled it much better, but I guess they went overboard with trying to ensure that we had "things under control". All "journalism ethics for content privacy" flew out of the window. I'm not sure how his court hearing went, but I hope a sound, non-exaggerated decision was made.

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