Sunday, September 24, 2006


"You're now in my top 3 fav photographers..."

-SM, a message left on my photoblog

Thank you for making my day/night! I'm truely humbled.


Random said...

what a gift to have when u can take spectacular photos. its something that i desperatly am thinking abt trying to develop. u do take amazing snaps.

Jas Bhambra said...

Thats a very nice comment. :)
Your photography skills are amazing, no doubt.
How's everything going? Back to school and the grind??

3ngin33r said...

Thank you the both of you :) I'm really glad to know what you think of my pictures.

You should consider it Ravin; it's a great way to not only express yourself, but also a fantastic way to enjoy life one moment at a time. I was never into it before, but over the summer when I got time to do it with my life and soul, it changed me like nothing's changed me before. I know it'll mean something to you too :)

School keeps me busyyyyyyyy Jas, hehe. Busy, but fun. Thanks for checking in on me! I'd forgotten that I had put up this post (I was SURE I had it as aDraft) and your comments brought me bck here.