Tuesday, May 10, 2005

When Everything's Over

They'd looked up at the sky and sighed waiting
For the sun to stop shining the way it did
For the days to scurry by without the seconds drag for eons
And one day it did stop shining and they sighed again
Wanting it back , for they had nothing to do but
Wait. Sigh. Sigh.
Once againg they longed for the days when
They could get their hands dirty in the soil they worked,
But the sun rose no more on the east, making them sigh.
They fidgeted.
Let the boredom glaze over their sighs.
The little boy came and cried for He could not ease the sigh frenzy,
They watched Him, knowing the wait for worthless for them but who knows...
"We think of our children and their children," they said, "We want them
To see the first ray.
To feel the water beneath their feet."And they sighed.
The little boy sighed
And embraced a mother before taking leave.
"When everything's over, remember me."
"Everything will return." She smiled.

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