Saturday, December 11, 2004

From the journals of the dips*** library

Baby you are . . .

My sunny sky
My favourite high
My bed so warm
My port in a storm
My sweetest gift
My emotional lift
My best friend
'Til the end
My inspiration
My destination
My shining light
My day and night
My heart healer
My anger chiller
My pain reliever
My spring fever
My gem so rare
My answered prayer
My heart 'n' soul
My life made whole
My merry-go-round
My 'up' when I'm down
My best chance
My last dance
My best shot
My sweet kumquat
My energizer
My morning sun
My evening fun
My dancing partner
My heart's gardener
My source of laughter
My everafter
My heaven sent
For whom I'm meant
My burning fire
My greatest desire
My soul mate
My sweet fate
My dream lover
My "before all others"
My confidence
My common sense
My reason why
'Til I die,
Just in case you didn't know. . .


Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful poem 'mia'. i have always loved your poem.surprised to know that i know you.alright guess whooooo!

mia said...

i'm glad you like the poem, but it isn't exactly my poem. Ever heard of 'chiken soup' ? but yeah, it is a part of me, and thank you for visiting my site !

3ngin33r said...

and yeah, i have no idea who you are. how abt giving me a hint ?