Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dress to Impress

So how far would you go to dress to literally impress? I'd say a lot, considering you're applying for a job in big shot companies. Today I bought the most expensive suit EVER in my life... a $90 (after discount even) business suit. 90 freaking dollars!!! For ONE suit!!! In which, I have to admit, I looked quite nice and all CEO material, haha. The career fair's coming up, my resumes are sent out tomorrow and interviews should start around the end of next week and go up to November. That means a busier life than usual. I'll keep this place posted on how I did on particular interviews and the hilarity that shouldn't (under normal circumstances) be associated with it. Starting January, I hope to get a co-op to my liking. So starts the lengthy preparation to it. And I still have to buy shoes and a skirt! Its fun and lovely to dress up and stuff... I'm liking it so far. Except the $$ part.


Random said...

thats how corporate america gets you....a looking good tease...once u are caught, thats it! you end up getting ur mba and other madness

Jas Bhambra said...

I bought one for an interview few years ago, I just wore it once...although I still wear the jacket, the trousers are sitting there gathering dust! :)
I am clothes, shoes and bags crazy anyways!

Moi said...

:) have fun with i/w s ..and have greater fun dressing up for them!!!
Dress for success!!!!