Thursday, July 05, 2007


"I would prefer that Mr Howard stay out of our domestic politics and we will stay out of his domestic politics," Texas Republican senator John Cornyn said. [on Howard's criticism of Obama; read it here]


1. That statement's hypocritical. When has the United States learnt not to meddle in another country's "domestic politics"?

2. This so-called "domestic politics" also happens to effect now only the US, but a lot of other countries.

3. Whatever happened to freedom of speech/expression? Does it apply only to the people in the US? (funny I just said that... its hardly prevelant here)

4. This doesn't mean I support Howard, or even Obama for that matter.

Friday, June 29, 2007


... is another one of them summer movies that is a must-see!

And the Harry Potter movie debut in Japan has me going BLOODY HELL since the 22nd. It's ridiculous. It's unfair. There are MORE Potter fans here than in bloody Japan! And the UK, where Potter's FROM, didn't get to see it first either!! Absofuckin' BLOODY hell...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Summer Movies

Spiderman 3, Shrek 3 down... Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Harry Potter 4 (AND the book... UK-version, thank you) to go. Could the summer start off any better?!?!!

It's Pirates of the Caribbean that I CAN'T WAIT to see... for obvious reasons (winkwink).

On that Caribbean note, here's a song I can't get enough of these days. (ignore Paz's hand gestures haha... just listen to the song)
Update on Possible Threat?

I'm a part of the Racial Awareness group for this year, and as this was once in a lifetime opportunity, I think I made the most of it (I encourage UC students to apply, go for the interview and try to get in! They might change the name to something more appropriate as the group name is quite misleading and insufficient as racial awareness was only a tiny part of what we were exposed to). Anyway. It so happened that I found out during our retreat a couple of weeks ago that one of our fellow group members was the guy who had made the threat. As I hadn't bothered to look at his mugshots on TV or even payed attention to his name as much... it had slipped by me. Now we know this guy. It was amazing how suddenly I could totally see him making such a rash (ill-times though) comment. It's just him. There was nothing serious, I can bet you that. What was done to him, with all his personal records being sensationalized in our paper, court dealings, the ridiculous bail charge, etc. was unfair. Our university could have handled it much better, but I guess they went overboard with trying to ensure that we had "things under control". All "journalism ethics for content privacy" flew out of the window. I'm not sure how his court hearing went, but I hope a sound, non-exaggerated decision was made.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Possible threat?

I open my inbox in the morn around noon and there's an email from the campus police warning us of suspicious activities and possible threats. To quote, "... In one such case a student is reported to have stated that the Virginia Tech incident was nothing compared to what he would do if his grades were not adjusted." I ended up talking with a friend who later told me that this particular incident had occurred the day earlier. It infuriated them that the email was sent out the next day and sounded little serious. I don't know how much of it is true... but I stand by my claim of learning from past events. We need to be more cautious of people's feelings and treat them with respect and perhaps even care and be friendly (a smile and Hello goes a long way). High time a lot of us stop demanding that thing called personal space, because in truth, there exists no such thing. Unless of course you lived all alone on this new habitable planet that scientists in S. America discovered a while back...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting

It's horrific and saddening. At this moment, feeling this way, I want to thank Him for keeping a friend of mine at Virginia Tech safe, and lift the ones who lost their lives in our prayers.

We will never forget.

You can read about it here...

Sex and the City

I grew up sticking my tongue out at girls who saw Sex and the City (with such ardor that it sickened me and I was more than happy to play tennis with the boys and be all tomboyish).

I turn 19 and I still don't get young girls my age watching the stupid series to learn (?) whatever they wanted to learn.

Come April and I find myself watching it on and see what all the hoo-ha was about. And what happens? I become one of "them"! No, I don't want to learn more about sex or NYC, I'm quite familiar with the terminology, NYC cabs and male/female psyche around the whole shebang. It's the deeper meanings, different outlooks the four single women have on life and circumstances that has me fascinated (excuse? not really). They're so natural -- which is the best part -- and so good at sticking together (even if its only a TV series...) that I find it rather interesting. I got some good quotes off it too (no, I don't use TV/movie quotes in real life... that seems a little desperate to me).

Oh, and did I mention that there are NO commercials when I see it online? Yeah. Gotta love that. And skipping, rewinding/fast forwarding? There are a few episodes that are rather lame which I have to simply skip... so its a big plus.